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When you're bored with twists for your faux-hawk, refresh the style with braids.

And never forget the power of the puff!
photo: HBO/Insecure, "Code Switching" episode

As a black woman with natural hair, it feels so good to see another dark-skinned woman with a similar hair texture spearheading a hit series that has such a cult following. 

Issa's natural hair has never been a major topic on the show, which actually makes me very happy. Instead, she's presented as a fun, sexy, and desirable woman with multiple layers who also happens to have kinky curls. 

Natural hair does not always need to spur in-depth conversation —really, it just needs to be a normalized thing included in media imagery. It's empowering to see just how possible that is while getting my Sunday evening "Insecure" fix.

Issa, slay. Literally.