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Storm Reid may be most famous for her intergalactic travel in Disney’s “A Wrinkle in Time” as main character Meg, but her versatile braided looks are pretty stellar, too. During her time on the red carpet and off, Reid has proved the Black protective style can be worn in endless ways, whether she's wrapping her braids up in a tight chignon or letting it waterfall with bold metallic clips and pearls. 

At just 14 years old, rising star Reid is already starting her style career out strong. Here are 15 of Reid’s top braided looks just in time for spring:


Never forget her braided updo for the "A Wrinkle in Time" European premiere. 

storm reid braids
photo: Zuma / Splash News

Here's the style from another angle so you can fully appreciate the look. 

Reid also wore her hair in a bun while in London. 

She wore her multicolored braids in two buns that definitely gave me Minnie Mouse vibes! 

She's worn slicked-back cornrows. 

She has even put a single daisy in her braids. 

Reid adorned her braids with simple pearls for the red carpet. 

storm reid yellow dress
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I'm definitely going to try Reid's braided braids this summer! 

She's taken that style to the red carpet, too. 

storm reid white suit
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Reid could play Rapunzel with her long waterfall braids! *cough cough, Disney* 

storm reid long braids
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For Lapalme Magazine, Reid had an asymmetrical updo for an ethereal shoot.

When she had thicker braids, she wrapped her hair into a partial updo. 

storm reid red carpet
photo: AdMedia / Splash News

A close-up revealed a single cross as red carpet hair jewelry. 

The clips on her braids for her Dazed shoot reminded me of the '90s. 

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Hopefully 2018 will bring more amazing braided looks from Reid (and maybe an "A Wrinkle in Time" sequel?). 

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