SZA is a master songstress known for her R&B bops. She also made waves in the beauty community when she called out a Sephora in California for racially profiling her. The classy callout sparked a response from Rihanna and seemingly encouraged the retailer to shut down temporarily for inclusion classes. Yay, SZA. 

But there's another thing we must mention about the gorgeous singer: She is and has ALWAYS been absolute hair goals. SZA hit the music scene with voluminous natural 4C hair that made so many of her fans feel represented. She's since played with different styles, although she really switches to bold colors. On Thursday, SZA debuted a headful of Barbie pink hair and it's absolutely fantastic.

It's hard to care about any other hair makeovers in 2019 now that SZA has shown us what she looks like with these pink tresses. 

Like, can we just RELISH right now?! SZA looks like a chocolate Barbie and there is absolutely no way you are not stanning. This is SZA as we have never seen her before. These hot pink tresses are SO stunning on her. 

Also, peep how SZA's Barbie pink hair matches her Tweety Bird T-shirt. 

Oh, you LOVE to see it. First of all, let's just marvel at the fact that airbrushed T-shirts from the early 2000s are BACK in style. SZA wearing hers to match her bold pink hairstyle was such a stylish decision. I'm also 100% here for SZA simply lounging around with a beat face, a flawless pink wig, and a matching hot pink Tweety Bird T-shirt. 

We haven't seen SZA try a bright hair color since she went lime green for a single day months ago.

Oh yes, SZA did play with a neon wig before this pretty-in-pink situation. She dropped jaws all over Instagram when she posted this photo of her wearing straight hair in a neon lime green. Before this lime green wig, fans had only ever seen her wear her natural black hair color and a Pepper Ann red shade. I'm so glad she decided to play with even more neon colors, because the hot pink is a hit.

Here's another video of SZA sporting pink hair while downing shots with rapper Megan Thee Stallion.

That's right! The stunning SZA is enjoying her Hot Girl Summer with the creator of the term — Head Hot Girl in Charge Megan Thee Stallion! In true Hot Girl fashion, she's "driving the boat," which is Thee Stallion's term for taking a shot of liquor straight to the head from the bottle. This is kind of all the inspiration you need to go out and have some bright-haired, girl squad fun for yourself. That's kind of what summer is all about, right? Trying new hairstyles and colors, going out with friends, and having a great time. 

The internet has decided: SZA with pink hair is the mood for the remainder of summer 2019.

"Staring at SZA's pink hair pictures has cleared my skin and stopped my ingrown hairs," one fan joked. Is it THAT serious? The people say it absolutely is. "Okay...SZA with pink hair... I didn’t know I needed this," another fan wrote. "SZA in pink hair. What did we do to deserve such a blessing?" another asked.

SZA's bold hair color choice has already inspired a fan to play with pink! 

One fan actually took the plunge and dyed her own hair a lighter bubble gum pink. "SZA got pink hair so I got pink hair," one fan shared with a video of her new look. She wasn't the only one feeling inspired! Several fans noted that they planned to try pink hair after seeing SZA slay it so mercilessly. Expect to see more pink on your social media feeds in the upcoming weeks. 

Also, in case you missed it, SZA debuted her pink hair along with a snippet of a new song.

Sigh. Believe it or not, it's been two long years since SZA released her debut album, CTRL, which you'll be smart to listen to if you haven't already. The album features her hits "Love Galore," "The Weekend," and "Broken Clocks." Aside from a few features here and there (most recently on DJ Khaled's song "Just Us"), we haven't received any new full-length songs from SZA. Thanks to this pink-haired teaser, now we know that SZA has more gorgeous music on the way. 

Let's hope they come with videos of more GORGEOUS looks from the singer.