This is Willie, a five-year-old Yorkie who is setting the internet ablaze with her luxurious hair.

That's right: this dog is your fall hair inspiration. Don't believe me? Check out all the incredible ways Willie wears her naturally highlighted hair.

She works low pigtails and glasses.

And never shies away from a printed scarf.

That signature half-loop topknot, tho.

I'm obsessed with this artfully flipped '90s supermodel lewk!

Her hair is just as stylish when unwashed and hidden under a beanie, which, SAME.


Hello, Coachella flower crown realness!

Willie's braid crown game is supreme.

That ballerina bun is so elegant.

She can even rock a severe center part.

And some major messy beach waves.

Cheek-skimming bangs are always in style.

And so are braided pigtails.

YES to the classic half-up, half-down pony!

And this sideways ponytail!

The '80s are officially back.

If you're not braiding your muttonchops, what are you even *doing*?

The higher the hair, the closer to god.

A headband is always a good idea.

Willie is a true hair inspiration.

We love you, Wills!