I've always heard growing up that I am not my hair and that there are so many other facets of myself — so many other strong, dynamic, and amazing qualities — that even on my worst hair days I am still more than enough. And while I believe all of that to be true, and feel fortunate to have grown up around those who made it a point to instill that in me, I still don't play about how my hair looks. Seriously. 

That means on any given day you'll catch me deep-conditioning, giving myself a bomb silk-out, putting in my weave, or sitting in the salon chair getting some much-needed highlights. A routine like mine is far from rare, and so many other women like me constantly take (a lot of) time out of their busy schedules to switch up the hues of their hair. For many older women, covering up gray hairs can be a big reason for doing so.

But in the age of being unapologetic and embracing our most natural selves, while women are loving their bodies and natural hair more than ever, the constant need to shy away from graying hair is coming to an end. So instead of plucking or dying the silver hairs that may appear, we're declaring at the top of our lungs that it's time for a major change. It's about far more than being over the chemicals of hair dye or those pricey salon trips; this is about self-love.