The hair chameleon strikes again!

Zendaya can do no beauty and style wrongs. I repeat, she simply can't do any wrong. The woman is only 23 years old, semi-fresh off a Disney career, and still has more fashion slays under her belt than some celebs who've been in the game two decades. We're talking street style, red carpet, quick selfies on Instagram, and wherever else slayage is brought. 

What we love most about Zendaya is that she switches up her look endlessly and is always down to try something new—whether the general public agrees with it or not. Typically, the public agrees with it, though, and we're sure the same is the case for her latest summer 'do. 

Baby got BANGS. 

I should call the police because it's kind of not fair how she steals the show at every red carpet she visits. At least this time, it's actually her red carpet to steal. Zendaya hit the premiere of her new HBO series Euphoria looking like a real-life doll with her ponytail, bangs, and fire organza dress designed by Nina Ricci. She's dressed by her beloved stylist, Law Roach, of course.

Basically, Zendaya has mastered the art of effortless yet elegant hair, and we STAN. 

Do you see how that wavy ponytail falls in the back? Are you peeping how her bangs have slightly longer pieces on the outside with gorgeous bumped ends in toward the middle? She played up her chill princess hair with simple stud earrings because of course she did.

Oh, to think that we despised our mothers for giving us doll bangs in grade school. 

Remember begging your mom to let you grow your bangs out so you could get "The Rachel" (Friends, anyone?!) or the early '90s Beyoncé? Remember being pissed when she refused, saying short bangs would stay until you were old enough to drive? Depending on your hair texture, you probably remember hating the single roller you had to put in your bangs overnight to keep them "bumped" in the morning. Le sigh.

We did all that bang-hating and then boom, Zendaya says we're doing bangs again for summer 2019.

Grab the scissors. Call up your stylist. Pull out a banged wig. Get fake bang extensions. It's official. Bangs are the wave this summer. They're effortless. They're chic. They'll also prevent you from having to put makeup on your forehead by the way. Boom. Bangs are back. Zendaya said so and who are we to challenge Her Highness, the hair chameleon?!

Zendaya fans couldn't help but marvel at her new hair. 

That's it. That's the tweet. "ZENDAYA WITH BANGS" is an entire summer mood. In fact, it's a total summer movement. She looks so amazing all the time, but the bangs turned things up a notch even as the look is oh so simple. 

But listen, as we push into summer, this is the energy we don't need. 

"Sometimes I think I could rock bangs because @Zendaya can but then I remember she’s Zendaya and I’m not lol," a fan wrote.

NOT SO FAST. Bangs are for you. Bangs are for me. Bangs are for everyone. You get some bangs. You get some bangs. YOU get some bangs. You just have to get them cut so they flatter your face specifically. 

Consider Zendaya's Euphoria red carpet hair, your seasonal reminder to try something chill and different this summer.

Seriously. You have all the inspo you need. Kim Kardashian broke out the super-short bob look. Zendaya just hit us with bangs. And one of the Sprouse twins just cut his hair and dyed it Jolly Rancher blue. Now it's OUR turn.

Have some fun with your hair and get those selfies popping all summer 2019!