Disney villains are just like us, right? Well, imagine if they lived in a spacious one-bedroom apartment in 2019. How would they decorate? Angie's List interior designers decided to find out.

Angie's List is a site for homeowners that provides contacts for services like plumbing, landscaping, painting, electrical work, and more. 

The site's resident interior designers were inspired by the evil antagonists of six legendary Disney movies — and just in time for Halloween. So they dreamt up mood boards and incredible designs that could inspire your next bedroom.

Whether you're more of a Maleficent or a Cruella de Vil there's a room here for you. 

Snow White's Evil Queen obviously has a massive mirror on the wall. 

Tamatoa bedroom
photo: Angie's List

The Evil Queen, who poisons Snow White with a tainted apple out of jealousy, has quite the expensive taste in this modern, chic bedroom. Rich, regal colors like magenta, gold, and emerald line the walls and bed. Plus, her three-tiered crown is perched on a bed of blankets. I imagine she wakes up every morning and gazes into the massive circular mirror and asks her infamous question. 

The designers were inspired by her robes and crown. 

Angie's List mood board
photo: Angie's List

The mood board focused closely on the Queen's lavish and expensive taste in clothing, plus her bright gold crown. Her German-influenced throne also played a key role in their designs. The castle walls are a similar emerald shade that is painted in her room, plus plush poufs and rugs are also present in both the film and the room design. 

Maleficent's bedroom looks more like an eerie dungeon, and that's exactly how she'd like it. 

Maleficent inspired bedroom
photo: Angie's List

Maleficent spends most of her days cooped up in her cold and icy palace. But her powerful staff is offered a prominent spot in the room, so she can keep a close eye on it. The dark grays, blues, and violets in the room are exactly the kinds of colors Maleficent has around her at all times. 

The designers were inspired by Sleeping Beauty's Maleficent and Angelina Jolie's version. 

Maleficent mood board Angie's List
photo: Angie's List

Maleficent's devilish horns were implemented in the chandelier, the table's legs, and the stag busts on either side of her bed. Maleficent's castle is cold and moody, but relatively simple, which is also reflected in the design. She doesn't need extravagant furniture, bedding, or rugs as long as she has a place to rest her head at night. 

Cruella de Vil obviously decorated in all spots. 

Angie's List Cruella de Vil bedroom
photo: Angie's List

This room is spot-on — pun intended. Cruella has chic, expensive taste that is evident in the clean lines and vibrant colors in this room. Her all-time favorite colors, red, black, and white, each have a place in this French-influenced space. 

The dog-obsessed woman's room was already featured in 101 Dalmations. 

Cruella de Vil mood board
photo: Angie's List

The designers had some images to inspire them from the movie already. In one scene, Cruella sits on her bed and picks up a bright red phone, so the designers reimagined that in their iteration. They also gave her somewhere to hang up her luxurious white fur coat.

This under-the-sea themed room is fit for the sea witch Ursula. 

ursula bedroom
photo: Angie's List

The wavy wall behind Ursula's bed feels just like home for the octopus-woman. Even the light fixture is reminiscent of the sea witch's tentacles. Plus, a giant fish tank is present, so she can always have a bit of the ocean with her — or, it could be a spot for Flotsam and Jetsam. 

The mood board focuses mostly on Ursula's frightening cave lair. 

ursula mood board
photo: Angie's List

Ursula's ominous home has plenty of dark crevices, which is reflected in the coral decor lining her shelves. She also has a nice seating area for meetings with "poor unfortunate souls" who enter her cave. Perhaps this is what Ursula's bedroom would have looked like if she won Eric over as her human-self Veronica in the end of The Little Mermaid.

Jafar's bedroom has so many Aladdin references. 

jafar-inspired bedroom
photo: Angie's List

From the lamp to Iago to his snake staff, there are so many elements of the film in this room. Plus, all of the furniture and decor have a Moroccan influence, reminiscent of the movie. The cozy room fills with natural light, and the lit-up alcove behind him feels like he's walking across the desert to the Cave of Wonders to find his secret treasure. 

Jafar's mood board is all about red. 

jafar angie's list mood board
photo: Angie's List

Jafar's favorite color is red, a symbol of his desire for power. So it's no doubt that his bedroom would be coated in various shades. The designers at Angie's List, however, toned it down and turned it into a classy subdued oasis fit for a Sultan. 

Another aquatic bedroom is for the gold-hungry crab monster Tamatoa from Moana

tamatoa bedroom
photo: Angie's List

Tamatoa is a secondary antagonist from Moana, rivaled by Tafiti. He covets all things shiny and gold, and stole Maui's magic hook. So Moana and Maui travel under the ocean to retrieve it. 

If it were 2019 and Tamatoa had access to these interior designers, his lair might look something a little like this modern bedroom. Gold and blue decorate the entire space, plus a rich chocolate brown shade oozes with luxury. 

The designers focused on Tamatoa's love for gold, as well as his blue underwater lair. 

tamatoa mood board angie's list
photo: Angie's List

The monster crab would never live in a space that wasn't covered from top to bottom in the shiny stuff. Luckily, the designers found plenty of gold accents to include, but didn't make it look over-the-top. Plus, they included a table lamp that looks like a glowing orb, which I'm sure he'd absolutely adore.