As the MOH of your BFF's wedding, take a moment to congratulate yourself for getting as far as the bachelorette party. Seriously, by this point you've been to several dress fittings, helped the bride with her invitations, and pulled off a fabulous bridal shower. While your work is far from over, you're finally coming up to one of the most fun events: the bachelorette party. 

The standard bachelorette party usually involves a ton of phallic paraphernalia and a trip to the club, but if you're looking to do something special (and a little less, uh, sexual) here are a few things you can do no matter where you and your BFF bride-to-be live. 

Treat yo'selves to a spa day.

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Before you pop the bottle, make sure you're going out on the town with a fresh look! Book a spa day for the girls and spend the day getting massages, manicures, and tons of relaxation. You can book special services for the bride-to-be to make her feel extra pampered. 

Rent a party bus...

...and drive aimlessly while getting your party on. This is an affordable way to pre-game festivities later, as you can pack bottles and food and relax in luxury while scoping out the party scene for the evening. 

Hit the wine trail.

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If your bride-to-be isn't a party girl but does enjoy a glass of fine wine, take her exploring around a local vineyard to try out one or two (or three or eight) different kinds of wine. 

Host a hotel sleepover

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Remember how fun those sleepovers were with your friends when you were a kid? Relive it, but with wine and a fluffy bed at a local upscale hotel. Watch cheesy movies, eat all the food, and just enjoy each other's company. 

Host a pool party.

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Whether you book a hotel with a pool or have a friend with a hook up, this could be a super fun way to low-key lounge and work on that pre-wedding tan. Buy fun floats, order plenty of pizza, and play a fun retro playlist.