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Gone are the days of wearing black to funerals. I want to wear sparkles. 

A coffin company based in the United Kingdom has made a name for itself by selling glittery, colorful coffins and urns to hold people's ashes — for those who want to leave this world shining as brightly as they lived. While it's a little macabre to think about what your funeral will be like, these coffins have me thinking that I want to go out in style. 

The brightly colored, shimmering designs are, morbidly, so pretty. Made with chunky glitter speckles, the caskets shine as brightly as diamonds. There's even more to the coffin company that wants your final resting place to be as extra as you are. 

The Glitter Coffin Company makes super-sparkly coffins that are actually really pretty.

Shopping for coffins and urns is probably one of the most heartbreaking parts of life for those who have lost loved ones and now have to plan funerals. But I imagine that shopping for one of these glittery ones could be somewhat fun. Especially if the sparkle fest fits the personality of the deceased. 

The brand creates caskets and ash boxes coated in layers of glitter. 

Each product is made to order from the brand based in the UK. And the ash boxes can be ordered online for 170 euros. The company also sells memorial plaques, cremation jewelry, and ash boxes for pets. 

Each coffin is richly colored with chunky glitter that sparkles brightly when it's hit by light. 

These caskets look like they've been hit with the KiraKira glitter filter on Instagram. That's because the coffins are painted with a chunky crackle glitter made to gleam in the light. "Our stunning coffins are a beautiful way to reflect and celebrate a person's life," a statement on the website reads. 

The glitter is totally plastic-free, and the coffins are biodegradable. 

The out-there caskets have still passed FFMA coffin testing requirements, according to the website, and can be used for cremations or burials. The glitter is made of a non-chlorinated plastic and doesn't give off any emissions when cremated. Plus, the coffins are biodegradable.

There's even more fancy gear to decorate a burial site, like these gorgeous pearl angel wings.  

Other than coffins and urns, the company also sells a variety of other products to ease saying goodbye to the deceased. Decorate a burial site with these gorgeous angel wings or in shades like gold, silver, or white. There's also cremation jewelry to keep the ashes of your loved ones close to you always. 

The lining is a silky, luxurious satin.

Just like other basic caskets, these are lined with luxurious satin. But the outside is a totally vibrant sparkle and color. Why leave this world in black when you lived it in full color?