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Growing up, you probably thought that the Tanner household was one of the coolest places to live. Well, now you can make that dream a reality for a cool $5.5 million in San Francisco, according to Top Ten Real Estate Deals. 

The home featured as the Full House house, one of the famous Painted Ladies, is back on the market, and we have images of the inside. It looks totally different from the TV set we all know and recognize as the living space for the Tanner family in Full House and Fuller House. 

As long as you don't mind tourists constantly outside your door, this 3,728-square-foot home is a gorgeous Victorian completely renovated with modern updates while keeping its ornate fixtures and original details. Check out the inside of other celebrity households, like Jeffree Star's $14 million mansion or Kim Kardashian's Beverly Hills home.

The inside is totally different from the set of the TV show.

Sure, the outside of the house looks identical, but as soon as you step inside, it's a whole different environment. The massive interior of the Tanner house couldn't possibly fit in this two-story Victorian in the Lower Pacific Heights neighborhood of San Francisco. However, this home does have generous space and four bedrooms and bathrooms, which is a rarity for this location. 

The Full House home is one of the iconic Painted Ladies in San Francisco.

Originally designed by architect Charles Hinkel Lewis in 1883, 1709 Broderick Street has been completely updated to 21st century standards. However, it still maintains the classic charm. It's most notable for being on postcards and for the picturesque views of Alamo Park. Not to mention, it's also the house in the iconic '80s and '90s sitcom. 

The formal living room is so light and airy, welcoming you into the home. 

The super-high ceilings make the space feel massive and grand. The house offers plenty of storage, and even has a garage and a parking pad. With massive windows, this home gets incredible natural light (if you don't keep the curtains drawn 24-7). 

Right when you walk in, you're greeted with a grand staircase. 

When you walk into the Tanner home, you're greeted by a wide open living room, but in the actual home, you'll see a formal living room, a kitchen, and a staircase to get to the second floor. Now that Fuller House is in the midst of its final season, neighbors and homeowners are hoping that the popularity of this location will slow down. Seeing as it's such an iconic tourist destination, those who live in this house will have to deal with onlookers. 

The entire home has magnificent views of the city, and it's in a perfect location. 

Located in Lower Pacific Heights, this area of San Francisco is enviable for its great schools, access to parks and boutiques, plus tons of yummy restaurants. It recently underwent a price cut from $6 million to $5.5 million, with its return to the real estate market. 

The master suite offers a walk-in closet and a bathroom. 

There are four bedrooms total in this home, three of which are guest bedrooms. Plus, there are additional guest bathrooms and a powder room downstairs. A full family could live in this home, but maybe not as many people as the Tanners had in it at once. 

The gorgeous backyard has a courtyard feel with impeccable landscape design. 

This backyard is perfect for hosting adorable dinner parties, just like the backyard of the Tanners' home. The English garden is calming and quaint, with plenty of space. The patio also includes a wet bar. 

Now you can live life just like the Full House family. 

The fan-favorite TV show wouldn't be complete without its San Francisco setting, or that classic Painted Ladies home.