disney gifts
photo: Etsy

Got Disney lovers in your life? Of course you do, because we all do.

Never fear, because this ~*magical*~ group of mermaids, princesses, lion cubs and more are some of the easiest folks to shop for.

To get you started, though, here are 16 magical gifts for your Disney fiend friends.


You're invited to the Mad Hatter's tea party.

And a very merry un-birthday to you!

Price: $51.59


Why not mark your place in your favorite Disney book...

...with a bookmark made from the spine of another Disney book? (It's not as cannibalistic as it sounds, we promise.)

Price: $5.99


You left your heart at Disney.

But you can still take it with you.

Price: $14.99


Everyone knows the best place to get lost in a storybook is in bed.

Happy ending guaranteed.

Price: $25.83


We were all thinking it.

*sprinkles self with pixie dust*

Price: $14.75


You can keep your voice — AND the seashell, too.

No promises it'll help you get your land legs though.

Price: $15.80


Need a place to store your thingamabobs?

This place's got 20 (or at least, makeup bags with Disney princesses from Tiana to Rapunzel).

Price: $15.50


You may not be "some prize to be won"...

...but this Jasmine silhouette iPhone case definitely is.

Price: $12.94


For the one who says, "I'd rather be at Disney World."

You know the one.

Price: $14.89


And for the Disney-kid at heart.

Don't worry, you're never too old for Disney.

Price: $20.99


Write all the thoughts of your favorite Pixar movies.

These colored pencils feature phrases from "Frozen," "Up," "Finding Nemo," and more.

Price: $17.87


How about a mug fit for a sea witch?

Poor unfortunate soul — and proud of it.

Price: $18


Looking for something stronger than coffee or tea?

"Hakuna moscato"? Now that's a phrase I can get behind.

Price: $12


And speaking of wine...

...you can get your favorite Disney kweenz to save your favorite bottle.

Price: $12.99


Your favorite couple will go down with the Disney greats.

So tell them so.

Price: $16.80


Winnie the Pooh, and Tigger too!

And Piglet, and Eeyore, etc. etc.

Price: $10