Aldi Glow in the dark succulent
photo: Aldi

The glow-in-the-dark trend is so much more than those sticky stars you used to attach to your bedroom ceiling. 

Now there are so many ways to shine bright at night, from beauty trends like glow-in-the-dark lipstick from Sephora to highlighter hair that glows with or without lights. Aldi is a grocery store unlike any other. It keeps up with the latest trends and hooks its customers up with sweet surprises.

On October 16, these glow-in-the-dark succulents began selling in select stores and they are absolutely enchanting. Their availability is limited, so call your local Aldi before heading out in search of these popping plants. 

There's no way you could walk out of the store without this succulent. 

According to House Beautiful, the plants get their glow from a special, nontoxic coating that is applied during the cultivation process. When the coating gets more sunlight during the day, the plant will glow even brighter at night. During the summer, they can be kept outside, but like most succulents, they need a warm and dry environment, so bring them inside during the winter. 

These plants look like the bioluminescent ones from Avatar.

In James Cameron's 2009 masterpiece Avatar, the world of Pandora glowed at night because of the glow-in-the-dark plants. Thanks to these little guys, that can become a reality. Fans are showing off their new glowing greenery on social media. 

Like other succulents, they don't need to be watered often and thrive in sunny conditions. 

Set this plant in a windowsill where it can soak up the energy from the sun. Succulents should be watered lightly about once a week. The coating will glow brighter the more light it's exposed to.

Some of the coating has left unique patterns and markings on the leaves. 

The star-shaped succulent was created initially in 2012 by a Netherlands-based breeder called Amigo Plant. Now Aldi has picked up the product and is lining some of its shelves with the unique plant. Bring a starry night into your bedroom with the Glowing Star in the Dark succulent.

Just like Target, Aldi reels you in with its special products. 

This Aldo customer wrote on Twitter, "Can you believe that every time I go to Aldi I spend like $100? I’m one person. They got me with a glow-in-the-dark succulent today. Damn you, Aldi."