Light-up unicorn
photo: Home Depot

Christmas trees are being set up in storefronts and holiday decor is on the shelves, but it's not even Thanksgiving yet. 

If you're already considering how to have the best-decorated home in the neighborhood, then Home Depot has the decor for you — but it will cost a pretty penny. The magical light-up lawn decorations include a horse-drawn carriage, glinting palaces, sassy llamas, and massive light-up unicorns. 

The holiday season is about embracing the magic, and these gorgeous items are absolutely enchanting.

Spirited Sparkle 72 in. Life-Size Christmas Unicorn Yard Decoration With LED Lights, $129

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This Pegasus-style unicorn is downright beautiful. The iridescent wings and puffy pink mane and tail will astound anyone driving through the lit-up homes on Christmas Eve. Rearing back, this unicorn stands at 6 feet tall and uses bright white LED lights to glow.

Spirited Sparkle 40 in. Christmas Cool White LED Small Unicorn, $80

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For a slightly less extra option, Home Depot also has a smaller unicorn that features the same iridescent wings, horn, puffy pink mane, and tail. Standing at 40 inches, the baby unicorn is just as magical and cute.

Spirited Sparkle 48 in. Christmas LED Carriage and Horse, $169

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This horse-drawn carriage looks like it belongs in Cinderella. Feel like true royalty with this 4-foot decor on your lawn. Plus, the horse is wearing a festive collar with red puffs, perfect for getting into the Christmas spirit.

Icicle Shimmer 6 ft. Pre-Lit Twinkling Castle, $149

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No horse-drawn carriage would be complete without a palace to get to. This light-up castle also stands at six feet tall and twinkles with LED lights. A bright red bow embellishes the white and gold structure. Add on Candy Cane lights to create a full winter wonderland.

45 in. Christmas Cool White LED Llama, $80

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This adorable light-up llama is way cooler than any of the seven reindeer. This totally unique decoration will make your yard stand out from the rest.