she shed

I want to go to there.

photo: Pinterest/House Beautiful

Everyone needs a place where they can unwind completely.

The sitcoms of yore have often depicted the MAN CAVE, a place where men can retreat from the drippy overbearingness of womenfolk and drink beer and fart or whatever.

But ladies drink beer too, and so naturally we need caves of our own. Ladies, it's my pleasure to introduce... the SHE SHED.

How perfect is the color coordination here?

It's like a little house unto itself.

Work, play, and everything in between. Cats can come, too.

People who hang out in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. Unless the stones are ice, and you're throwing them into ice tea.

String lights. String lights for days.

Daaaaaamn, Daniel — back at it again with the country cottage.

I bet those plants are absolutely THRIVING in there.

Totally on board with this she shed here.

Oh man, the willow branches, and the teal paint, and the river view... absolute perfection.

Ooh, I'll take the monogram and the dog, please!


In all honesty, I've always hated the idea of a man cave. I also hate the idea of a she shed. Why do men and women need SEPARATE SPACES to get away from each other? And why do we need to perpetuate stereotypes of what men like (beer, sportzball, giant sound systems) and what women like (frilly fabrics, kitschy antiques, so many pillows)?

Here's to she caves. And here's to man sheds. Here's to spaces that welcome anyone and everyone...

...or no one, BWA HA HA.