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As you read this from your couch, take a look around. Is the dust blanket slightly thick on your bookshelves? Is your floor hidden under a a sea of clothes? Are you not quite sure where that faint smell is coming from? If you answered yes to  any of these questions, it is beyond time to do your first thorough spring cleaning.

If the notion of getting down and dirty to get crisp and clean is a new concept for you, fret not. We have a few universal tips you can implement to make your place super fresh in no time. 


Make a killer cleaning playlist.

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If you want to get through the job quickly, have some fun and whistle while you work. Organize a playlist and dance your way to a cleaner pad. 


Take it one room at a time.

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Spring cleaning doesn't have to happen all in one day. After all, this is a move-the-couch to get to the baseboards kind of endeavor, and it is going to take some time. Make a schedule to attack every room in your home and the task at hand won't seem so daunting. 


Organize your space and declutter.

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Take stock of your stuff and the places it can be stored properly. Anything that doesn't fit into that criteria needs to go. Seriously organizing, assessing, and purging things doesn't just make your place nicer, it can be pretty cathartic, too. 


Don't just do surfaces.

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Seriously, GET IN THERE. Move things around. Look around the room and identify what hasn't been moved in a while, then move it and clean it accordingly. 


Have the right gear.

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No, a dirty sock that happens to be missing its other half doesn't count as a suitable dust rag. You need to invest in good products and tools to do a good job. Do some research to see which cleaners you're comfortable with using in your home and buy sturdy mops, brooms, and polishers to make everything shine. 


Start from top and work your way down.

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There is nothing worse than mucking up a freshly mopped floor with dust you just knocked off from a bookshelf. Begin at the highest surfaces in your home and work your way down for a complete clean. 


Treat yo'self.

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Congrats! You survived your first spring cleaning! Treat yo'self, you've earned it.