Target snow globe lights
photo: Target

There are so many creative ways to decorate your home for Christmas, but Target has some of the cutest lights that speak for themselves. 

People have been scouring their local Targets for strands of Christmas lights that look like snow globes with Christmas trees inside them, because they're not available online. For those who can't make the trip, there are a few equally cool options on Target's website that would also make the house look fun and festive. 

Target has plenty of ways to celebrate the holiday season with tons of ugly holiday sweaters and decor based on fan-favorite movies. 

People have been sharing these gorgeous Christmas lights on social media, but they're so hard to score. 

The indoor lights have an adorable winter scene inside each bulb, complete with a Christmas tree and snowflakes, just like a mini snow globe. The string reaches 2.3 feet and the battery powered bulbs use warm LED lights. Because they're found in the dollar section of Target, they're not available online, unfortunately. 

Apparently people can find them in the dollar section of Target, but they're selling out fast. 

Reportedly these lights only cost $5, so unsurprisingly they've been getting scooped up fast. Some Target employees are even commenting on people's social media posts letting future customers know they may not be able to get the exclusive decor. 

"I'm here to let you guys know that we sold out of those completely early when they came out. A lot of guests who came in requesting to find these and it's so hard to try to tell them we don't have them. A lot of the Bullseye items we're putting out now or mainly for the start of January 2020," one person commented on the post. 

They're so cute, so it's no wonder why they're impossible to find. 

Some Instagram accounts are hosting giveaways with the Christmas lights in the bundle, so perhaps that's the best way to nab the fast-selling lights. This now-closed giveaway included the lights and a $30 Target gift card. But there are still a few more open on Instagram. If these lights become entirely impossible to find, fret not! There are tons of other really cute options on Target's website. 

Northlight Snowflake Globe Christmas Lights, $16

Target Christmas lights
photo: Target

>> Get it here

These are a close second to the other snow globe lights, and the pack comes with so many more. Get nine feet of string with 10 glowing bulbs accented with glitter snowflakes. These also look like a winter wonderland sans the tree and snow. 

Kurt S. Adler Eiffel Tower Novelty Christmas Lights, $16

Eiffel Tower Christmas lights
photo: Target

>> Get it here

These fancy lights are shaped just like the Eiffel Tower and glow like it too. Ten warm LED lights line this battery powered string. The battery pack also features a timer, to conserve power. 

Star Wars Stormtrooper Christmas String Lights, $20

Star Wars Christmas lights
photo: Target

>> Get it here

These Star Wars–themed lights are perfect for any superfan of the saga. This 11-foot string has 10 Stormtroopers that light up with multicolored LED bulbs. For fans of the dark side, there are Darth Vader lights at Target, too. 

Northlight Jingle Bell Novelty Christmas Lights, $12

Jingle Bell Christmas lights
photo: Target

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Grab a strand of light-up bells to celebrate the holidays. This festive 53-inch string of 10 glowing bells comes in three different color varieties. Find it in either red or silver; it's perfect for wrapping up a wreath. 

Wondershop Christmas Clear Sphere with 30 Dew Drop String Lights, $8

Target globe lights
photo: Target

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While there aren't any Christmas trees inside these globe bulbs, there are strings of fairy lights. The magical decor twinkles in the night, and can be used either inside or outside. The light comes with a variety of colors for the interior wire, including silver, gold, or rose gold.