When did you realize you have anxiety? 

While some can pinpoint the exact moment they joined the 40 million Americans who have an anxiety disorder, others are unable to. That's the reason illustrator and designer Jag Nagra created the "I Still Have Anxiety" Tumblr page.

"I initially started this project as a joke to document the embarrassing things I had said or done in the past that still gave me pangs of anxiety even years after they happened," she told Revelist. "While many of those things were seemingly small and laughable, they still caused a lot of internal anxiety that I couldn't seem to shake off."

So, Nagra had her friends submit stories about the moment anxiety hit them for the first time. She coupled their submissions with original illustrations—and created a moving account that captures the unique ways anxiety can manifest. 

Now, strangers are submitting their stories to Nagra as well.

"I Still Have Anxiety" purposefully covers a wide range of sad and lighthearted stories that are cathartic for those who read them.

"I very quickly realized this site was incredibly cathartic to read," Nagra said. "Releasing my anxieties, and reading what others had submit, it was very freeing and comforting to know we're not alone in our struggles.  And very surprisingly, the things that caused me anxiety—things I held on to for years—posting them on this site has helped me let go of them in some way."

Anxiety can strike at any moment, and these 15 illustrations prove it: