"There is no one way that our culture is having dinner in America," photographer Lois Bielefeld told Revelist over email — and that became the premise of her stunning photo concept, "Weeknight Dinners," a series of 78 portraits featuring different types of families during their average weeknight meal.

The one thing all these portraits had in common? They're all different.

"We all partake in meal time in one form or another," Bielefeld said.

Tuesday: Seynabou, Rui James and Marie. 2014

"I was really interested in capturing the wide variety of habits during the weeknight meal."

Wednesday: Ernesto. 2014

Bielefeld only took her photos Monday through Thursday.

Wednesday: Leo and Michael. 2014

"[That's] when time is most constrained due to work, parenting, and family activities..."

Wednesday: Natalia and Maryanne. 2014

"...and those constraints dictate dinner rituals."

Wednesday: Clyde and Jamie. 2014

Bielefeld found that no two families were alike.

Monday: Nuco. 2014

From one- and two-person households to interracial families to same- and opposite-sex ones, Bielefeld saw it all.

Wednesday: Emilio, Rhonda, Benedetto, Skylrae, Jacomo. 2014

"[I was] looking for an honesty and openness that equates to a beautiful vulnerability."

Monday: Steven and Jomo. 2013

"People were really open to me photographing and sharing their nightly rituals," she added.

Tuesday: Matt and Ruth. 2013

"There is such a variety of not only foods, but also places they eat in the home and the time."

Tuesday: Juanita and John. 2014

"Some people ate food they cooked from scratch, and others take-out."

Tuesday: Alden and Alan. 2014

"I saw rituals of watching one episode a night of 'Fraser' with the whole family..."

Wednesday: Glynis, Liam, Jorin, and Mona. 2013

"...to a man who regularly stood and ate by the window in the kitchen while reading the newspaper."

Wednesday: Willie Mae. 2013

Despite all this, there was maybe one similarity Bielefeld could point to.

Wednesday: Siena, Brian, Alivia and Leah. 2013

"People talked about the busyness of their lives, but many really still made an effort to come together for a meal and connect," she said.

Monday: Eric and Sally. 2013

"Even if they had the TV on or were eating different foods."

Wednesday: Bruce, Heather and Wyatt. 2013

Find more of Bielefeld's work on her website.

Bielefeld is represented by Portrait Society Gallery.