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photo: Kybella

When it comes to double-chin elimination, plastic surgeon Dr. David Shafer told Revelist that "I have found it really depends on what the patient is looking to achieve and their timeline. Liposuction will have swelling and possible bruising for several days. Kybella always has swelling after the treatments," but noted that in particular, "Kybella is a popular treatment for people to 'melt' the fat under their chin."

"Most people are willing to put up with a little swelling and possible bruising if it means they will have an improved chin/neck contour."

Body positivity means loving your body, whether that's by leaving it exactly the way it is or by making changes to it through surgery, injections, tattoos, hair color, or whatever the case may be. And we're getting luckier in seeing more and more diverse bodies represented in media. But we've still got a way to go before the plus-size bodies in media better represent the plus-size bodies outside of media — double-chins and all.