All women, no matter their race, age, class, or sexuality, need female friends. There's something sacred about sister-friend circles that can't be replicated in friendships with men. Your female friends should affirmatively and lovingly guide, chide, push back, encourage, and empower you.

Their friendships should be integral to your life's journey. Plus-size women, in particular, deserve supportive sister-friends. Navigating a fat-phobic world is difficult, so it's integral to have women who can help you survive the pitfalls. While all friends are worthwhile, there's something special about having fellow plus-size friends. Here's why:

You'll always have people to share clothes with.

Thin friends are important, but having people who can affirm you through clothing is so important.

There won't be any awkwardness while shopping.

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Smaller friends have more options, but having plus-size friends means you're all conscious of perusing stores that cater to your larger bodies.

You'll never have to explain fat-girl struggles because your friends will know what it's like to navigate life as plus-size women.

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You'll never have to explain how it feels to be discriminated against at jobs or on dates. The knowledge is innate.

You'll have people who can ease your "fat talk" and self-doubt.

"Fat talk" is detrimental, but many people aren't aware of how they internalize it. Your plus-size friends will encourage it.

Undermining fat jokes won't ever creep in to your convos.

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Enough said.

You will have people who can anchor you on your journey to self-love.

Marie Southard Ospina spoke beautifully about being encouraged in her journey by fellow plus-size women:

"By refusing to not-be-seen in their fatness, they've encouraged me to allow myself to be seen. By normalizing and celebrating their bodies, they've allowed me to recognize that I deserve to do the same. By deconstructing diet culture and talking openly about intersectionalism and wearing crop tops and bikinis, they've made it clear that living life loudly, boldly, and freely needn't be put on hold until you achieve someone else's definition of beauty. They've allowed me to reject "the thin woman within" and be satisfied with the fat woman not-within."

Best of all, you'll have golden girls who can light up your life with body positivity.

What's better than that?