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photo: Premme

Plus-size influencers are known for forging their own path. They've encouraged millions of women to love their bodies, and given life to body positivity as we know it today. But they are rarely celebrated as widely as mainstream fashion bloggers.

That may be over. Forbes just released its new Top Influencer list — and not one, but TWO of our favorite plus-size bloggers are in the top 10.

Gabi Gregg and Nicolette Mason were the only plus-size influencers in Forbes' fashion influencer category.

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Although Gregg and Mason are well-known within the body-positive sphere, it's inspiring to see them honored alongside mainstream fashion influencers, too — like Chiara Ferragni (The Blonde Salad), Bryan Yambao (BryanBoy), Leandra Medine (Man Repeller), and Aimee Song (Song of Style).

And its easy to see why — Gabi and Nicolette are absolutely KILLING the fashion game.

They both have half a million followers as of September 2017. Gregg has an ongoing collaboration with Swimsuits for All, and most recently launched a lingerie line with Playful Promises. Mason has contributed to countless publications such as Vogue Italia, Teen Vogue, and Refinery29. Together they united their following for a chic plus-size brand, Premme, that launched this year. 

And when the duo launched Premme, THE SITE CRASHED.

"OMG. Guys, you crashed our site as soon as it launched," Gregg said in an Instagram postThe pieces featured sizes 12-30 and all of the items were under $100! Their collection once again proved that plus-size customers deserve cute clothes that don't have inflated prices.

In an industry where plus-size women are rarely featured, Gabi and Nicolette appearing on the list shows that change IS happening.

gabi gregg nicolette mason premme
photo: Premme

It marks a change where not just influencers, but body-positive influencers, are being viewed as extremely powerful figures. Gregg and Mason have wisely used their loyal following to bring light to the body-positive movement, and have shown how women of all sizes deserve to have a voice — and awesome fashion.

You go, girls!