After splurging on a mind-boggling amount of Louis Vuitton x Supreme merch, Jeffree Star and his bae, Nathan, are BACK.

On Star's YouTube channel, they tested out the $59,000 skateboard to see if the custom deck was any good — and proceeded to break my heart. 

At the beginning of the video, Star shared that there are only 10 — YES, 10 — Louis Vuitton x Supreme trunks in existence... and Louis Vuitton offered him one.

"Just from being such a loyal Louis Vuitton client, they offered this crazy trunk for me," Star said. 

You know you're rolling when someone offers you a $60K trunk and you just say, "K." 

And Star was kind enough to provide the literal receipts for the trunk and Supreme skateboard inside. The grand total was $59,268.76.

My goodness. My wallet just had a heart attack. 

Look, even Star admitted the trunk is NOT cheap. But does he care? No. 

"Is it over the top? Yes," Star said. "But so is my whole entire life." Truth.  

He viewed the trunk as an investment piece, since it's a collectors item and will accrue value over time.  

Before they went out to the skate park, Nathan inspected the LV x Supreme skateboard and said it was really, really well-made.

For $60K, it better be!

And then Star took us on a field trip to the skate park with Schwandt so he could test out the Louis Vuitton x Supreme skateboard.

And Schwandt did some pretty sweet tricks, but then the worst possible thing that could happen happened. 

DO YOU SEE THAT SCUFF MARK? That's a $60,000 scuff mark. However, that wasn't the worst of it.

Although I understand that skateboards are meant to be used, does that also include skateboards that cost as much as a car? 

Schwandt didn't let that scuff mark stop him, and decided to keep on going.

And then he BROKE THE BOARD.

"This would be a break. This would be K.O.," Schwandt said.

Although Schwandt almost broke his arm, he also broke a $60K board. I'm not sure what would hurt more if I attempted that trick — my body or my wallet?

And when they took the board home, it was really scuffed up.

The board broke because he landed on it wrong, Schwandt said. He also said that Louis Vuitton x Supreme actually made a pretty good board, though. 

Despite almost breaking it in half, Star said it will still live on in its glass case. He then requested Louis Vuitton send him a new one.

Breaking your limited edition board and demanding that the brand send you another one? Baller. 

To watch the heart-stopping moment, check out the full video.