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From her Lip Kit empire to daily Snapchats, Kylie Jenner is known for her fabulous life — but she's equally known for giving it away.

Yes, come birthday time, Kylizzle's friends and family can count on some absolutely over-the-top gifts. Here are the most insane presents she has ever given her BFFs, ranked by insanity.


For Kris' 60th, Kylie (and her sisters) got her the most intense "Great Gatsby"-themed birthday party.

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Iconic artists such as El DeBarge, Charlie Wilson, and of course Kanye West performed, according to People. 


This was also the birthday where Kylie — and the rest of the Kardashian-Jenners — remade Kris' 1985 music video, "I Love My Friends."

It's honestly very sweet.


Although not for her birthday, Kylie did give Kendall a greyhound puppy for Christmas in 2016.

Puppies are great, but don't ever give someone a live animal as a surprise gift.


One year, Jenner and her siblings gave Kris a classic car worth $35,000.

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The ruby red car is a Ford Thunderbird from 1956, according to Us Magazine


She also gave Scott Disick a $50,000 watch and lighter for Christmas.

I imagine Lord Disick liked his Patek Philippe watch and Cartier lighter, according to Us Weekly. 


Jenner threw then-boyfriend Tyga a super-cute surprise party for his 27th birthday.

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Tyga's son, King Cairo, supposedly helped her plan it.


That same birthday, she gave him a 60-carat diamond bracelet. WHICH IS NUTS.


And let us never forget how Kylie gave *herself* a Land Rover for her 19th birthday.

These cars can cost at least $199,495, according to Us Weekly. 


But seriously, Kylie LOVES buying people cars. She bought BFF Jordyn Woods a Mercedes when she turned 20!

The car was a "2017 black metallic Mercedes-Benz AMG GLE 63 Coupe," according to People. 


What goes perfectly with Jordyn's new car? A DAMN RIDE IN A HOT AIR BALLOON. So extra!

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"Yesterday was a dream... @kyliejenner surprised me with a sunrise hot air balloon ride... bucket list," she said in the post. 


Yes, Jenner can summon hot air balloons whenever she wants.

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That's not even the most excessive gift Jordyn has gotten from Kylizzle. For her 19th birthday, Jenner gifted her a $14,600 bracelet.

The multicolored bracelet was by Cartier, according to Teen Vogue.


Kylie also gave Woods a car for her *18th* birthday. I know friendship can't be measured by how many cars the other person gives you, but damn, this is pretty close.

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Although we can't all rain Mercedes-Benz's on our besties, it's telling that Jenner has a big heart.

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Jenner's gift-giving is definitely next level, but for now my friends will have to be happy with gift cards.