Nikita Dragun is the queen of Beauty YouTube. Not only does she serve amazing tutorials and first impressions, she uses her sizable public platform to document her transition — and speak out about issues affecting the trans community.

She's an icon and a trailblazer — haters be damned. But she's not just amazing at makeup. It turns out that Nikita Dragun is also the queen of fashion.

Need proof? Look to her Instagram. She is serving the amazing outfits in EVERY photo, and it's nothing short of inspirational.

Here are 42 photos of Nikita Dragun's fashion game that proves her Instagram is better than any fashion blog.

A snake print underbust dress and black tank top? Iconic.

Classic Calvins? Perfect.

Nikita's looking like a million dollars in a shimmery gold minidress.

And looking like an IRL angel in this all-white tulle confection.

But she can serve edgy looks with a QUICKNESS.

Ever want to know how to *really* wear two shades of pink? Nikita is here to school you in pairing blush and bashful.

How about a blue fuzzy coat, unicorn skin boob tube, and faded blue jeans? Nikita's here to ~inspire~ you with this look.

Does she wear all black and look like the ultimate luxurywitch? YES.

She'll cast a spell on you. Like, I never thought I wanted an off-the-shoulder bondage dress with hip cut-outs and independent sleeves, but now I do!

Nikita shows us that it's ALWAYS the right time for a crop top and a fancy bag.

Nikita loves bags — but she styles them in the coolest way. A casual dress + faux fur coat + vintage Gucci = perfect.

She's also living proof that there's no such thing as too much pink — or too much, period.

When in doubt, you can always wear pastel latex.

It turns out that our Mother of Draguns has a LOT of latex.

And she makes wearing it look so damn cute — not to mention fun!

Who else could stand next to Kim Kardashian, crowned queen of sexy style, and make her blink? Nobody but Nikita.

But she does casual style with the best of them. A simple ripped-up tee to pay tribute to Selena? Perfect!

Jeans and a tank top? Yeah, they've never looked this good.

nikita dragun instagram
photo: Nikita Dragun

She makes a simple Matchbox hat look like two million bucks.

And nobody wears a mustard yellow pirate shirt so elegantly.

Ripped jeans with a statement jacket and long, wavy Cher wig? Hello, flawless fashion vibes.

And as we move into summer, Nikita shows you EXACTLY how to wear the two-piece monochrome look.

But never let it be said that Nikita's idea of casual fashion is... you know, CASUAL.

Because when she goes glam, she GOES glam.

This two-piece gown makes her look like she's a cotton candy Disney princess!

And this red dress is the PERFECT dancing girl emoji look.

nikita dragun style
photo: Nikita Dragun

She's the sequin queen of our Off White dreams.

Whether she's blessing us with sheer gowns and sky-high platforms...

Or full "Frozen" queenliness...

...Nikita is the UNQUESTIONED rule of seductive fashion. Your fave could never.

How is she gonna pair a sheer lace body with a camouflage miniskirt and immediately look *this* incredible?

*Throws away all my shirts, wears bras as tops for the rest of my life*

*Throws away all bra tops, wears nothing but cut-off jeans shorts forever*

Nikita is TOO awesome.

And she's the only person on Instagram who's going to make me want a hot pink fluffy coat quite this badly.

A one-piece racing suit? Nikita's flawless styling is inspiring us all to try something similar.

Sexy Team Rocket? OK... if Nikita says so.

Nikita loves anything fluffy, and now *I* love anything fluffy.

Keep it form-fitting...

Keep it shiny...

And have fun! Life's too short to let other people tell you what you SHOULD wear.

After all, fashion is about self-expression.

And being your TRUE self is always in fashion.