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Sarah Jane Adams, killing it.

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There's a misconception out there that fashion and beauty is just for the young. We call bullshit on that — even though there's a huge premium placed on women's youth, there's literally no rule that says you stop being fabulous when you hit 50.

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Quite the contrary. We found 26 kickass older women who show us that fashion is for EVERYONE, and style only gets better with age. Check them out and take some notes — your future badass self will thank you.

Lyn Slater is a literal angel sent down from heaven to bless us with her incredible style.

Brb, threading flowers through the laces of all my boots now.

Shayne says that her style is all about "refusing to be invisible."


Linda Rodin's coat game is unstoppably amazing.

Valerie Von Sobel IS accessories goals.

Beatrix Ost pairs vintage styles with a punk-rock attitude, and I've never wanted to be someone so hard in my LIFE.

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Of this shot, she says "I am SOLO, the first time in my life! Solo is not alone - Valentines are all around ! Food and Love is Art enough !!" Words to live by.

Judith of Style Crone knows all about the transformative power of really fabulous hats.

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Dorrie Jacobson is a retired Playboy bunny turned fashion blogger who totally nails the slouchy-couture style.

Anyone else REALLY NEED gold disco boots now?

Ginette Pearson is actually perfect. THOSE PANTS!

Sue Kreitzman never met a color or pattern she didn't love.

Dee Goldberg is life goals.

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Sacramento "composes" clothes as a means of self-expression.

OBSESSED with her hair!

"Pink hair don't care" is Zandra Rhodes' life motto.

Cynthia Pastor pairs unique colors and textures together for a fire look ALL her own.

Elizabeth Kingston rocks those baby bangs and stacked necklaces like no other.

Britta's elegant European-influenced style is a chic minimalist's dream.

Bethann Hardison, fashion activist, is fierce as hell in both style and politics.

Definitely check out her Twitter feed for more amazingness.

Sarah Jane Adams travels the world, designs amazing jewelry, and looks fabulous as hell while she's doing it.

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Nibi is an avant-garde designer and artist, with blazingly cool taste in glasses and gloves.

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Shona Grant slays on the streets of Melbourne with her wit and amazing taste in t-shirts.

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Daphne Selfe has been modeling since 1949 — and she's got the only model off-duty style that I want to steal.

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That necklace!

And Suzi shows us that the best way to match patterns is to pair them with MORE patterns.

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One thing is for sure: these amazing women show us that the insane amount of value placed on women's youth is bullshit.

An oldie but goodie of #debrarapoport

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Fashion is for EVERYBODY.

And when you know who you are, style only gets better with age.

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Now get out there and wear EXACTLY want you want!

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Your badass future self will thank you.