There’s been a flurry of growth in the plus-size blogger community over the past couple of years, and now, finally, we have some really solid dudes shaking up the scene. 

I'm so for this, especially since fashion is (thank God) becoming more gender fluid. More representation, more inspiration.

1. Claus Feissner, EXTRA-INCHES.DE (Frankfurt, Germany) mixes classic style and FUN. Think: rolled up jeans, loafers, beanies, and Mickey Mouse ears! 

“Another rule or old common sense is that plus-size people want to hide themselves and long too look thin. We are not thin and there is no need to look like Twiggy! Be yourself, embrace your body, and learn to love yourself!” — Claus Feissner

Instagram: @extra_inches_plussizeblog

2. Kelvin Davis, (South Carolina)

With over 30,000 Instagram followers, Kelvin Davis is one of the biggest names in plus-size men's style inspiration. 

“People say ‘bigger’ people shouldn’t wear [prints and colors] because it adds attention to your size/shape. But I say eff their standards … wear what you want. As long as you feel good in it, you will shine like a diamond." — Kelvin Davis 

Instagram: @notoriouslydapper

3. Dominic Clark, (Lincoln, United Kingdom)

This UK blogger has an offbeat sense of style that I totally dig. Clark describes his look as a mix of "punk rock anarchic denim fetishist and one half vintage sartorial adoration!" And he DGAF about the rules...  

"Fatties in tight clothes! If I'm not breaking at least one style rule a day then I've clearly not been paying attention." — Dominic Clark

Instagram: @domclark