Sometimes fairy tales do come true, and a recent production of Aladdin in the UK proved that. 

The actors who played Aladdin and Jasmine in an onstage production of the Disney musical were in love in real life as well as in the play. Matthew Pomeroy, who played the titular character, got down on one knee and proposed to Natasha Lamb aka Jasmine just after the cast took their final bows. 

The sweet moment was captured on camera and shared thousands of times on social media. The two appeared on Good Morning Britain following the sweet proposal, and discussed exactly how Pomeroy pulled it off and how surprised Lamb was. 

Just after curtain call, Pomeroy gave a speech to the crowd that ended in a loving proposal to his costar. 

The De Montfort Hall Twitter account, where the two performed, tweeted the real-life proposal after the show, and it quickly gained traction on social media. It started trending because people just love love. If you're feeling sad about being alone during cuffing season, then watch with caution. 

Matthew Pomeroy proposed to Natasha Lamb at their production of Aladdin, and it was so sweet my eyes started welling with tears. 

As a former theater kid, I can tell you right now that this would have been a dream come true for romantics like me. Pomeroy shared the moment to his Instagram and wrote, "Forever. @nmlambs I love you and I'm excited to live life side by side with you."

Watch the entire event unfold on Pomeroy's YouTube channel.

"This has been a dream and a blessing … and I can't think of a better time or place for this moment," Pomeroy said. Then he begins the proposal, "For the last four years you've changed my life … Tash, I love you with all of my heart, you're my best friend." And the rest is history!

The affianced couple went on Good Morning Britain to speak about the experience and the onslaught of support they've gotten. 

Lamb had no idea what was about to happen on that stage, but as soon as she realized, she was over the moon with happiness. Pomeroy had also invited her family to see the show and watch the engagement take place. "I thought, 'Where is this going?' and then I started to get very nervous and the tears came," Lamb said in the interview. 

Congratulations to the real-life prince and princess!

The duo's theater company tweeted a congratulatory message to their leads. The two looked adorable in costume, and Lamb was showing off her new bling. This romantic moment was just what we needed to close out the year.