Amy Schumer has *never* been afraid to rock a swimsuit — but that hasn't stopped body shamers from trying to strip her of her confidence. 

Amy Schumer InStyle swimsuit cover
photo: Instagram/@instyle

In April, a designer attacked Schumer for wearing a low-cut white one-piece on the cover of InStyle, claiming that she "looks like a pig." 

But rather than let the fat shamer's nasty words get to her, Schumer responded the only way she knows how: by filling her Instagram with swimsuit photos.

Over the past few months, Schumer has shared a slew of bikini photos with her followers...

photo: Instagram/@amyschumer

"I feel great," she wrote for an Instagram story dedicated to her swimsuit pics. "No haters can [eff] with my baseline."

...but it's clear the 35-year-old comedian saved her BEST post for #NationalBikiniDay on July 5:

Amy Schumer crotch shot
photo: Instagram/@amyschumer

"National bikini day!" Schumer wrote on July 6, celebrating the social media "holiday" a day late. She added the hilarious hashtag #wherewasmyparisfashionweekinvite.

Instagram was HERE for Schumer's carefree post.

Amy Schumer crotch shot Instagram bikini photo
photo: Instagram

Schumer's followers applauded her for her unwavering confidence. 

Schumer refuses to let body shamers tell her what she can and cannot wear. She'll wear as much (or as little) as she wants.

photo: Giphy

Her in-your-face bikini photo serves as proof.