April Fools Day cancelled
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2020 has been a doozy. That said, the last thing we need is a celebration of April Fools' Day. The often triggering holiday comes with lots of pranks, some good and bad, and garners a range of reactions. Given the unpredictability of this year, the holiday has been canceled. That's right, just about nobody wants to put up with it.

Check out what Twitter had to say.

Given the circumstances, April Fools' Day is donezo.

Why, you ask? Well, the answer is simply to look around. 2020 has seemed to be a series of unfortunate events, and we're all just about fed up. "Just a friendly reminder that April Fools' Day is canceled," a tweet read. "Nobody is in the mood. We've been punked enough this year."

Punked is right.

We're far too exhausted to continue with any jokes or pranks.

And while we all want March to end, we're not going to consider this April 1. Instead, we'll just jump to April 2. "April fools is canceled tomorrow," someone tweeted in anticipation of the day. "Keep your jokes to yourself because this whole year has been one already we tired.. tomorrow is March 32nd."

And good news — it means our love lives are also not so bad.

Everything is a joke, which means that our single love lives aren't serious. So singles, just relax. "If you're single during April Fools it's simply because your life is the joke," someone tweeted making a solid point. "Don't ever forget that."

How could we forget?

However, it seems that some didn't quite get the memo.

Jaejoong Covid
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Because fans across the world woke up to K-pop star Jaejoong of JYJ, posting to Instagram that he had tested positive for the deadly virus. However, after an outpouring of support and sadness, he revealed it was all an April Fools' Day joke. As expected, the reactions weren't positive after finding out it was all a sham. Interesting timing, we must say.

But nobody else better try it. We don't need anymore.

So if you were thinking about a prank, don't. "We don’t need no April fools jokes," someone tweeted. "We living in one."

Depending on how 2021 goes, we may resume the holiday next year. However, until then, we want no part.