Earlier this summer, a Facebook event set for mid-September began trending after 2 million people decided they would "Storm Area 51," which caused panic from the government and Nevada officials. 

Now, instead of actually storming the highly secure military base, an actual music festival — Alienstock — is in the works, but it doesn't sound very legitimate. Some are likening it to the disastrous Fyre Festival that ended up in fraud charges. The Washington Post talked with the event creator about the plan, and what Alienstock will consist of. If for some reason the fest does go off without a hitch, expect plenty of alien-themed festival looks.

The original Facebook group sparked tons of media coverage after more than 2 million people marked "Going" on the event page. 

The event spread rapidly and despite the satirical nature of the post, it garnered interest from the government. The Air Force issued a warning to those thinking about attending not to trespass on the highly secretive military base. Overall, it just became an opportunity for hilarious meme jokes that have run their course over the past month. 

It got even more ridiculous when "a master plan" featuring "Naruto runners" circulated, but this real-life festival plan is by far the most ludicrous one of all. 

People tweeted images of cartoon aliens referencing that they'd free them. Another person came up with a master plan that referenced energy drinks and "Naruto runners," a reference to an anime character that sprints at hyper-speed, and asked "please don't tell the government." It all seemed like a big joke, but it could also be taken somewhat seriously. 

With the overwhelming interest, the original creator of the group, Matthew Roberts, along with a friend, Brock Daily, decided to create an actual event for fellow alien conspiracy theorists. 

The Facebook page was a funny idea, but this is starting to get into dangerous territory. Planning a music festival in less than a month in a desert town with a population of 50 off a singular highway just doesn't seem viable. But that doesn't seem to stop the festival organizers who speculate anywhere from 5,000 to 30,000 people could show up, according to The Post. 

The festival is set for Rachel, Nevada, the closest city to the military base. 

Media coverage is already happening at the tiny A'Le'Inn, the only diner and hotel in the town of 50. "We’re back in tiny Rachel, NV where #AlienStock, a festival of music and other activities, is being planned after the #StormArea51 event went viral," tweeted a reporter. According to the festival site, the owner of the hotel has decided to help facilitate the event, but many community members in Rachel are vehemently opposed. 

For obvious reasons, this thrown-together idea is being compared to Fyre Festival, which infamously ended in disaster and fraud charges. 

"Alienstock sounds like the next Fyre Festival," someone tweeted, and many agreed. The organizers told The Post that they're different from the infamous Fest because they're not looking to make a profit. Either way, the logistics of getting the necessities like bathrooms, food, and water set up in this short amount of time seems completely out of the question. 

Rachel residents, who are against the festival that will overrun their town, have issued a warning on the city website. 

"What happens when thousands of millennials clash with hardcore Nevada 'desert folk'...? Stay tuned to find out," joked a Las Vegas Twitter account. The account then shared a statement on the official site of Rachel that warns concert-goers that residents will "step up to protect their property." And that "this is not a good time to visit and experience Rachel." 

Whether the festival ends up happening September 19 through 22 or not, Twitter is once again having a field day with memes and imaginary set lists for the alien-themed event. 

Alien-themed song names and artists came flooding in after someone asked to send five song requests at Alienstock, and everything from David Bowie's "Starman" to Ella Fitzgerald's "Two Little Men in a Flying Saucer" was suggested. While an Alienstock would be a really fun festival experience, it needs to be conducted in the right way and in the right town.