Glitter slime videos are the most satisfying trend on Instagram
photo: iStock

Calling all glitter-obsessed babes, slime videos on Instagram may be for you. 

The most satisfying video trend on the internet is watching someone play with slime, and I'm so confused as to why. The ASMR style videos play on the texture, colors, and sounds of slime, and viewers literally can't look away. Our favorite version of this trend is when the slime includes tons and tons of glitter, naturally. 

One slime content creator, Talisa Tossell's Slimes on Instagram, has some of the most impressive works of slime art with so much glitter and sequins added to the final product. 

I can't stop watching these videos of slime, and I am confused. 

Slime videos are so simple, and yet strangely satisfying. Watching the glitter and slime mix together is so gorgeous, and the iridescence looks so pretty when the light hits it. Tossell shared this "holographic slime" video in honor of her account's four-year anniversary. 

Different types of slime create different movement. 

This slime is less viscous and slides more easily. All of the different types of glitter blend together so effortlessly. Plus, Tossell shared a video of a bath bomb erupting in a pile of slimy goo. 

Different glitter particles make different textures and sounds. 

The thicker the glitter, the crunchier the slime. When the glitter fragments are chunky, the slime gets a thick consistency that makes a satisfying sound when it's squeezed. Meanwhile, fine glitter creates a smooth and glossy look. 

Different pigments turn iridescent in the light. 

These glittery pigments look like the most blinding highlighter. The glittery powder blends into the slime seamlessly. By the end of the mixing process, the slime is a gooey ball of iridescent glitter. 

Tossell gets creative with what she adds to her different slime varieties. 

This galactic blue slime looks even more space-related with little stars added into the mix. Then, in a second video, she crushes up what appears to be a Disney World ice cream sandwich. The options are truly endless when it comes to the slime props. 

Sequins add an interesting texture. 

Watching Tossell pour a bag of sequins into the gelatinous pile is oh-so satisfying. The sequins turn it from a glossy, smooth texture to a totally crunchy one. Tossell shoves her hands into the mixture and blends all of the ingredients together. 

Glitter glue is one way to get an intense sheen to the slime. 

Slime is made with Elmer's glue, baking soda, water, shaving cream, and contact solution with boric acid and sodium borate. Swapping out the classic clear Elmer's glue with a glittery version is one way to get a sparkly mass to play with. Tossell created dragon's egg–inspired slime using gold glitter glue. 

This purple glitter turns boring clear slime into a galaxy of shine. 

Using an entire pot of purple glitter, Tossell transformed the clear slime. Another part of the ASMR of glitter slime is methodically brushing the glitter all around the slime in a circle hitting every corner. For whatever reason, it is so satisfying to watch it all mix together.