Chris Evans, a.k.a. Captain America, recently stumbled upon something so funny on Twitter it induced serious belly laughs. 

Fans of the Marvel Avengers movies saw an opportunity to Photoshop hilarious glam onto the superheroes and ran with it. Somehow the out-of-place acrylics and wigs look surprisingly fitting on the Avengers: Endgame actors. 

Evans shared a video a Marvel fan made of him wearing intense acrylic nails and long weaves. 

Set to "Act Up" by City Girls, images of Chris Evans in his various Avengers interviews with green and pink acrylics, long hair, silk caps, and head scarves flash by in the video. "This gave me a genuine belly laugh," Evans wrote in the tweet. Fans immediately wanted a real-life Chris Evans in acrylics after he responded. 

Together, Captain America and Thor fit this look too perfectly. 

Sipping coffee with long nails and silk caps, these two look like they are settling in for their morning gossip. "CONTENT I SIGNED UP FOR," one person exclaimed in a tweet. Starting a petition right now for a Thor and Captain America spin-off where they just get their hair and nails done. 

The gold hoops and acrylics match his already luscious locks. 

It's the battle of the Chrises, and it's hard to tell who looks better with the long-nailed makeover. Honestly, Hemsworth has the advantage of already having luxuriously long blonde hair, so the gold hoops and acrylics flow all too well. 

One person replied to Evans' tweet with this image of Hemsworth and wrote, "Of all the times for you to acknowledge stan twitter, it had to be now, huh? Amazing." 

Loki (Tom Hiddleston) also looks so glam with his flowing locks, bright long acrylics, and massive gold hoops. 

Hiddleston looks too good with this makeover. One person replied to the other Avengers' actors looks with this image of Loki and wrote, "who tf allowed him...." I'm assuming this person meant who allowed him to look this good with hoops and nails. We demand a reshoot of Endgame where every hero must wear acrylics.  

I can imagine Bucky clapping in Tony's face in this interaction. 

Imagine a re-creation of Captain America: Civil War in which Tony Stark, Bucky, and Cap fought with wigs and nails on. That would be a movie worth watching over and over again. One fan came up with a confrontation between Tony and Bucky in this tweet, "But you killed my daddy. Pull up," Stark would have said. "First of all it was mind control," Bucky would reply, most likely clapping in between each word. 

These fans went Photoshop crazy on every Avengers fan, even the innocent Peter Parker (Tom Holland) wasn't safe.  

Fans likened this reimagined James Rhodes (Don Cheadle) to the drag queen Noxeema in the 1995 cult classic To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything! Julie Newmar. His flowing curly weave and bright pink acrylics did have a similar vibe. Plus, Holland's Peter Parker would definitely be eating Hot Cheetos in the cafeteria in this makeover. 

Of course, Michael B. Jordan (Black Panther) looked flawless in braids. 

Twitter truly could not be stopped with these makeovers, and Jordan's hair, nails, and accessories matched flawlessly. His glasses, though not Photoshopped, added to the look immensely. His proud smile and hand placement had people tweeting, "Michael’s looking like a fancy grandma here."