Barbie isn't exactly known for being anything short of flawless. The doll has represented a ridiculous and outdated beauty ideal for years, and even though she's been making baby steps in the right direction, it's seemed like Barbie was still far from being an icon of anything other than total "perfection."

Turns out, Barbie HAS been keeping it real — so real, in fact, that she's even revealed she struggles from mental health issues.

According to a vlog posted to the official Barbie YouTube page, Barbie revealed that she sometimes deals with what sounds like depression.

"I woke up this morning feeling a little blue," Barbie revealed in the vlog. "No real reason that I could think of, just... blue. And I've been thinking about it all day. I mean, everyone feels like this sometimes, right?"

Barbie then shared that despite trying to stop feeling "blue," she can't always shake it.

After talking about what sometimes cheers her up, like journaling or just laughing, she admitted sometimes that doesn't really help.

"Sometimes, I still feel blue," she said. "And then I feel guilty about feeling sad because I am supposed to be the upbeat, positive one, all the time... But I'm not always. And I started to think. Maybe I'm just being really unfair on myself... I don't always have to be upbeat and positive. And to expect that of myself isn't fair. To camouflage myself to fit into a mold of what I think I should act or feel or think."

Wait, did Barbie reveal she deals with depression? Or depressed thoughts?

"You can't have spring without winter," she said. "And I think the winter is beautiful, too. The key is knowing you are not alone in what you feel. Everyone has felt the way you feel at some point. And knowing that makes me feel better about not feeling better."

While the video was posted in early March 2016 from the Mattel-run Barbie YouTube page, it only recently caught the attention of Twitter.

One Twitter user unearthed other Barbie gems, like this vlog about "roasting humor."


Twitter wished they had this kind of positivity when they were kids.

But mainly, people couldn't believe this was coming from BARBIE.

Her vlogs are FIRE.

*crying real tears*

Literally wailing.

Subscribing immediately.

Even the YouTube comments were filled with love.

Love you, Barbie.