Bella Thorne is definitely not a "shy" celebrity.

Bella Thorne bikini wax Snapchat
photo: Splash News

The actress isn't afraid to share the most intimate details of her life with her fans. 

Case in point: Her recent Snapchat story. 

On Tuesday, Thorne decided to get her first-ever bikini wax — and she documented her full ~hairless~ journey on social media.

Before her aesthetician pulled the first strip, Thorne reminded her followers that she had never gotten a bikini wax before.

Bella Thorne Snapchats bikini wax
photo: Snapchat/Bella Thorne

"Oh my god, this is going to hurt so bad," she quivered.

Then the waxing began.

Bella Thorne bikini wax Snapchat
photo: Snapchat/Bella Thorne

“Ow, mother f…” Thorne shrieked before laughing with her friend. "This is terrible."

Despite the pain, Thorne was able to keep a smile on her face throughout the entire process.

Bella Thorne bikini wax Snapchat
photo: Snapchap/Bella Thorne

She laughed through the screams, and maintained her positive attitude even when she had to go back "down there" for a few touch-ups. 

Following her bikini wax, Thorne documented even *more* body hair removal on Instagram.

Bella Thorne armpit hair
photo: Instagram/Bella Thorne

"Continuing to overshare," Thorne captioned her Instagram story as she shaved her underarms. 

Thorne's waxing experience = success.

photo: Giphy

The process did look painful AF, but the good news is that the first time is pretty much always the worst time.

...Or so they say.

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