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On Monday, she headed to Dr. Jason Emer for a laser treatment.

Bella Thorne acne
photo: Instagram/@jasonemermd

"It's always a pleasure to work on such a beautiful face," Emer captioned this action shot on his own Instagram.

She admitted skin care isn't always "glamorous," but she knows she's helping others by showcasing her struggles.

Bella Thorne acne Instagram
photo: Instagram/@bellathorne

“I’ve struggled with my acne a lot," Thorne previously told People. "I always post it on my Snapchat. I hope I help somebody out there because I’m spreading the word.”

Take that, acne bullies.

Bella Thorne's acne
photo: Instagram/@bellathorne

Thorne doesn't need your "expert advice" on how to properly care for her own skin. Between her Accutane treatments and her frequent trips to the dermatologist, Thorne is doing just fine.