There's an old saying that goes, "Keep your relationships private." However, in the age of social media, where people often use their pages as live diaries, that's not always what people do. 

Take Bella Thorne for example, the controversial actress who lives out her highs and lows for all of social media to see. In the midst of an apparent beef with former girlfriend Tana Mongeau, Thorne vented to her timeline and initiated a public fight that still has everyone confused. 

Ahead, check out the confrontational tweets that have everybody talking. 

Bella Thorne and Tana Mongeau's relationship has been up and down, to say the least. 

The former couple first went public in September of 2017 and had a tumultuous ride filled with social media breakups, public arguments, and polyamory. And though their relationship seemed extremely on and off, the two remained friends following their 2019 breakup and Mongeau's subsequent engagement to fellow YouTuber Jake Paul. 

But it looks like there's trouble in paradise. 

Early last night, Thorne took to her Twitter to blast her former girlfriend, and people were confused. "Tana and I are no longer good. She broke girl code I’m over it," she wrote with no other details.

Mongeau seemed as dumbfounded as we were. 

Minutes later, Mongeau responded, clearly as lost about what Thorne had tweeted as we were. 

"imagine taking every time ur mad at me to twitter but then telling ppl how much u care about me.................... wtf is this b," she said, expressing concern for Thorne constantly turning to social media to vent. 

Thorne accused Mongeau of using her.

In a tweet that seemed like a massive contradiction, Thorne urged Mongeau to get off Twitter. Weird much?

"U legit started dating me for twitter.. how about u answer ur phone and talk to me instead of being on Twitter," she said. 

Ultimately, we got no answers. 

And the conversation seemed to be going in circles with neither party spilling the real tea about what's going on. But one thing was clear: Mongeau was hurt. 

"Dude what are you doing bella? like i have no idea why you’re mad, i’ve been texting you every minute since you tweeted, and for you to be tweeting me something as hurtful as saying I dated you for Twitter is literally [redacted] nuts & if you honestly think that [redacted] i lost you," Mongeau responded to Thorne.

As expected, almost everyone was on Mongeau's side, believing Thorne's behavior to be erratic and irresponsible. 

"It just seems like anyone who has associated with Bella gets dragged if they do something she doesn’t like. Idk what went on with her and Mod but he’s an example, she dragged him and now Tana because she hung out with her ex when he’s Tana’s friend first? Tsktsk," someone tweeted, providing more clarity to the situation. 

Thorne was described as "toxic."

"Girl ur being toxic, go take a bath calm down. We get that u might be hurt. But u are friends with hunter. And she was friends with Mod before u and mod were a thing. Like girl that’s not breaking girl code. Go smoke a joint and chill," a fan said, encouraging her to channel her emotions in more productive ways. 

Whew, what a mess.