If you're like me and grew up right at the point when the internet became truly unavoidable, you likely spent your tween and teen years sitting in front of a computer screen and staring at your Myspace page, looking for tweaks you could make to your profile code or contemplating changing the order of your top eight just because.

You also would've experienced the very early stages of YouTube, when video quality was laughably low, nothing loaded in less than 30 minutes, and internet personalities were just becoming a thing.

During YouTube's dawn and Myspace's peak, people like Shane Dawson, Ryan Higa, Jeffree Star, Smosh (when it was just two people), Michelle Phan, Ray William Johnson, and plenty of others paved the way for internet stardom as an actual career course. And though I barely recognize today's younger YouTube stars (the Paul Brothers, I'm looking at you), it turns out not much has changed in terms of which YouTubers people subscribe to most.

Below, check out the list of 2019's most popular YouTubers — you'll be shocked at just how many of them are tried-and-trues.