There have been a few optical illusions that spark a trend and debates on the internet, but none as infamous as the great "Dress" debate of 2015. 

Now there's a new illusion getting people on Twitter heated. A video of a hand petting what looks to be either a black rabbit or a raven is circulating and has people fully confused as to what they're looking at.

Many see the pointed beak of a raven, while some others point out that bunnies love to be pet on their noses. Keep reading to discover what animal this mysterious creature actually is. 

One person believed it could be a rabbit because of the way it was being pet. 

"Rabbits love getting stroked on their nose," one person shared on Twitter. Someone else replied, "Raven. If you think that’s a rabbit just go." And the debate just got more heated from there. "[Redacted] not even close. No rabbit’s got ears so stiff and pointy," someone else wrote. 

Someone shared this hilarious graph that points out the importance of perspective.

One person pointed out how perspective is important when it comes to these optical illusions. A rabbit on its side could look like a duck, just like the angle of this video makes a raven and a rabbit look exactly the same. "This is art," someone wrote sarcastically. 

Then again, there doesn't appear to be any whiskers. 

"This is a bird. Please stop. Where is the whiskers? The nose? I’m not convinced," someone tweeted. 

Upon first glance it's easy to see a bird, but then it morphs in front of you into a bunny.

One person adamantly opposed the bunny option, "Can we all agree that this is a crow? Who sees a bunny? I just wanna talk... ~Phyllis." But, another person replied, "I really had to look to see a bunny... but then it’s hard to unsee the bunny." Once you decide you're looking at a rabbit instead of a raven, it's hard to convince yourself otherwise. 

Then when the animal blinks, it's pretty obvious. 

One person pointed out the stiffness of the ears, "Weirdest rabbit ears I have seen for some time...," another person replied, "Same with those nictitating eyelids." When the animal blinks, it becomes clear that a rabbit doesn't have eyes like those. 

Surprise, surprise. It's actually a raven from the World Bird Sanctuary in St. Louis. 

The bird sanctuary in St. Louis originally shared the video that has gone viral on multiple accounts. "Our Mischief the Raven received some national & international attention this week," the sanctuary account tweeted. So there's the answer for anyone still convinced it was a rabbit. Nope, it's a bird. 

Say hi to Mischief, the raven. 

One person focused on the more important aspect that the way this bird crows sounds like a human saying hi. They wrote, "My favourite underreported part of the entire bird or bunny story is that it is actually a talking bird named Mischief." Mischief has a knack for impressions; now people will be left wondering if they're hearing a person speak instead of a bird caw.