Oftentimes, when we talk about body shaming we're referring to body shaming in the media, in advertisements, or on social media. Usually, the body shaming language comes from companies and strangers and online trolls, not people you know and love.

However, sometimes the worst kind of shaming comes from the people closest to us, as evidenced by one Twitter user's now-viral exchange with her boyfriend at the time, who said some truly hurtful things about her body.

Shelby, aka @babyyygucci, posted a text exchange from her partner after she shared a picture of herself.

He wasn't OK with Shelby's stomach "sticking out more than [his]."

"I don't want to feel like I have to look a certain way for you," she wrote.

"You're definitely getting a beer gut, babe," he wrote.

He also insisted he's been telling her she's been gaining weight and "needs to lose anyway."

Twitter quickly jumped to the rescue, demanding she dump his body-shaming ass IMMEDIATELY.

Both men and women backed Shelby up.

Boy, bye.

A couple of days later, she posted an update: They've broken up!

Her ex is using the experience to learn how to be a better person.

Happy endings do come true!

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