Brooms have been standing on their own
photo: iStock

The latest viral trend on Twitter has many people spooked. 

People have been testing out the theory that broomsticks can stand up by themselves and balance almost indefinitely, and it's working! What started as a rumor about the earth's center of gravity has been debunked by NASA. We now know that a balancing broom isn't witchcraft or the earth's gravitational pull, it's just physics. 

The internet loves a good social media challenge and this one took over fast and furiously. Now on to the next!

People were claiming that there was something going on with the earth's gravitational pull.

Many people claimed that for one day only brooms would balance on their own. The rumor began on Twitter and thousands believed it. Of course, it turns out the balancing broom act has nothing to do with the alignment of the planet and everything to do with its own center of gravity.

NASA debunked the rumor that was circulating around the internet. 

"Astronaut Alvin Drew and scientist Sarah Noble respond to the #BroomstickChallenge, showing that basic physics works every day of the year — not just February 10th," NASA tweeted. The broom has a lower center of gravity, so its bristles work almost like a tripod when positioned in just the right place. It can balance on any day of the year.

Some skeptics thought it was witchcraft.

One person on Twitter tried it in front of their parents. Their dad had an extreme response. "So I did the broom challenge in front of my dad today ... the DEVIL," they tweeted.

Doug the Pug got in on the action.

Meme star Doug the Pug tried out the viral challenge. "Even a pug can do it #broomstickchallenge," the famous pup tweeted. 

Some people were leaving multiple brooms standing in public places.

I have to admit it would be quite a shock to see this many brooms balancing at once, especially if you didn't know about the challenge or the science behind it. Someone tweeted, "Who’s doing the #broomstickchallenge at Home Depot???" 

Moms are doing it, too!

Everyone is trying out this challenge and it's shocking even the most level-headed. One person shared a text from their mom trying out the balancing challenge. "Texts from my mom be like #broomstickchallenge," one person tweeted. 

If I tried this challenge, I have a feeling it'd go something like this.

The Fandom Twitter account tweeted a gif of Ron Weasley attempting to make his broomstick fly. They wrote, "*Sees #broomstickchallenge trending.*" Honestly, I can relate.