Naturally, people were extremely disappointed to discover that Delevingne's waistline had been digitally altered.

Cara Delivingne Photoshop reactions
photo: Twitter
Cara DeLevingne Photoshop
photo: Twitter
Cara Delevingne Photoshop
photo: Twitter

At first, Delevingne stayed silent.

But a few days after the Photoshop discovery hit the internet, she decided to respond to the allegations via Twitter.

Using Kendrick Lamar's "Humble" lyrics, Delevingne finally made her feelings toward Photoshop known:

Kendrick Lamar Cara Delevingne tweet
photo: Twitter

"'I'm so f**kin' sick and tired of the photoshop'," Delevingne cheekily tweeted, tagging Lamar and adding the hashtag #Showmesomethingnatural.

And just so no one would accidentally miss her tweet, Delevingne posted the lyrics to Instagram, too.


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Although Delevingne doesn't mention the "Suicide Squad" Photoshop controversy directly, the timing of her tweet is too perfect.

Word to the "Suicide Squad" CGI team — Delevingne isn't here for your Photoshop.