Cardi B posted a "fat photo" of herself in response to her body shamers
photo: Splash News

Cardi B's career is booming, but lately her body has been getting more buzz than her music. 

Last week, body shamers attacked Cardi B for showing her stomach hair at the Grammys. Now this week, the rapper is being scrutinized for her alleged weight gain.

On Saturday, Cardi B posted a video on Instagram to promote new music; however, trolls only focused on how "pregnant" she looked.

One fan noted that Cardi B looked like she had a "Kylie Jenner secret."

Cardi B quickly stepped in and put her body shamers in their place. 

Cardi B fat shamed on Instagram
photo: Instagram/@theshaderoom

"No bitch I'm just getting fat," Cardi B replied to a commenter, shamelessly addressing her alleged weight gain. "Let me fat in peace."

Refusing to let body shamers get the last laugh, Cardi B then reposted a "fat meme" of herself.

Did Cardi B get fat?
photo: Instagram/@iamcardib

However, she later decided to remove the meme from her Instagram feed.

She captioned the meme "Mood" with a slew of food-related emojis.

Did Cardi B gain weight?
photo: Instagram

Her joke clearly tickled Paris Hilton.

Cardi B totally pulled a Rihanna.

Rihanna's Gucci Mane meme
photo: Instagram/@badgalriri

After Rihanna was brutally body shamed by Barstool Sports last year, she posted this Gucci Mane meme with the caption, "If you can't handle me at my 2007 Gucci Mane, you don't deserve me at my 2017 Gucci Mane."

Evidently, savage memes = the official bad bitch clap back.

Let this be a warning to body shamers: Don't come for Cardi B or RiRi unless you want to be dragged to your grave, one meme at a time. 

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