Christine Sydelko
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Vine prodigy Christine Sydelko has a way with words. Her humor is, after all, what made her famous. 

(Those hilarious tweets don't write themselves!) 

Sydelko *prefers* to use her talents to make people laugh. But unfortunately, sometimes she has to put the jokes on the back burner and hop online to confront her internet haters. 

Here are nine times Sydelko eloquently clapped back at Twitter trolls:

That time she schooled body shamers on life as a fat woman.

Christine Sydelko's tweets about being fat
photo: Twitter

Last year, Sydelko nailed the "worst parts of being fat" in a three-part tweet.

"The worst part about being fat is you can’t ever win with people," she began. "You wear sweats and people say you’re wearing it to hide your body, dress nicely and people say you can’t pull it off, eat unhealthy food and people call you a pig, eat healthy food and people say why do you bother."

That time she put "concern trolls" in their place.

Christine Sydelko's tweets about being fat
photo: Twitter

"The 2nd worst part about being fat is when people try to tell you they’re fat shaming you because they’re concerned for your health," Sydelko continued her series of tweets. "Like yeah I’m sure you really care about my quality of life, guy with obscure anime character as profile picture."

That time she perfectly explained why "You're not fat!" is exactly what a fat woman DOESN'T want to hear. 

Christine Sydelko's tweets about being fat
photo: Twitter

"The 3rd worst thing about being fat is when people think they’re being nice by saying “you’re not fat!!!!'" Sydelko noted. "Yes I am and THAT’S OKAY."

That time she dished out this dose of realness.

Christine Sydelko's tweet about being fat, but not ugly
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Sydelko is a master at brushing off comments about her size, but the moment she saw "ugly" pop up on her feed, she put her foot down. 

"I'm fat but don't EVER call me ugly," she warned Twitter, reminding her followers that being fat doesn't equate to being unattractive. 

That time she straight up told fans to mind their business. 

Christine Sydelko tweets
photo: Twitter

"No offense but YouTuber fans really need to learn how to respect people's privacy and stop asking about someone's personal relationships," Sydelko wrote, addressing her followers who overstepped their boundaries. "Because if everything is fine it's annoying and if there really is a problem seeing tweets about it constantly just makes it more awkward."

That time she refused to take the heat for a T-shirt scam. 

Christine Sydelko responses
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In March, fans attacked Sydelko for failing to fulfill 200+ merchandise orders. 

But Sydelko wasn't responsible for the scandal — her former creative partner was. 

She refused to stay silent when fans accused her of stealing their money. 

That time she fearlessly called out internet fakes.

Christine Sydelko on fake internet stars
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"Wow people will really say anything on the internet to get people to like them," Sydelko wrote. "Like just stop being fake it's not that hard."

She continued, "Why does it always have to be about the next big stunt or scheming ways to get more fans STOP. JUST BE YOURSELF."

That time she told Twitter to stop reaching.

Christine Sydelko tweets
photo: Twitter

In April, Sydelko tweeted "I’m at Disney world and this family just said grace before eating their churros."

Her casual observation sparked MAJOR controversy, and trolls wasted no time attacking Sydelko for her tweet. 

Sydelko, however, didn't want to hear it.

"Quick reminder that I literally meant nothing by this tweet and if you're angry at it you're an actual moron," she shamelessly pushed back at her critics.

That time she chose to rise above her haters and shared these wise words to live by.

Christine Sydelko clap back
photo: Twitter

"I'm going back to ignoring the hate," Sydelko wrote. "People will find any excuse to justify being cruel. I just have to remember that for every person who hates me there's at least 10 more that like me."

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