If you're looking to be extra, um, extra this holiday season, boy do we have the trend for you.

Two words: Holiday. Boobs.

While we can't guarantee that these are Santa-approved, they're definitely Revelist-approved, and that's all you need, right?

Everyone's baring their boobs in preparation for upcoming Titmas festivities.

Both men and women are baring their boobsicles. 

IDK, I think Frosty the Snowman would dig this look.

Even Rudolph is getting in on the action.

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Santa hats have a much more important job than just keeping Saint Nick's head warm.

Snowflake nipples are the Christmas miracle you didn't know you needed.

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Rudolph the red-nippled reindeer.

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Pair your festive boobs with some jingle balls, and you're all set.

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~ Soooo festive. ~

Consider this inspiration for your next round of holiday thirst snaps.

No shame, girl. NO. SHAME.

Spread the cheer.

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Rudolph is having a real good year.

If you're too shy to bare your festive nips, you can just light 'em up.

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Tattoos + holiday nips = a match made in heaven.

All we want for Christmas are more Rudolph pasties!

Now, Merry Titmas to all...

And to all a good night.

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