Corvette Corvette Challenge
photo: Pop Hunna

Quarantine has taken TikTok to new heights, and one of the latest obsessions is the 'Corvette, Corvette' challenge. From the song "Adderall," by rapper Pop Hunna, the song and the dance have gone equally viral, and now everyone is joining in on the fun. Ahead, check out some of our favorites that will have you jumping up to bust a move too. 

Addison Rae 

Addison Rae showed off her moves on the app, killing the challenge! 

Mommy & Me

This adorable mommy and son duo also joined in on the fun. It looks like the baby boy was having a blast dancing! 

The challenge even made it to the field. 

In case you ever questioned the reach of TikTok. Even the NFL players are breaking it down during their moments of free time. 

Jayda Cheaves and Loyal


Shirt @fashionnova ????????

♬ Adderall (Corvette Corvette) - Popp Hunna

The influencer and her absolutely adorable toddler gave the challenge a try. We must say, Loyal's moves are super impressive considering his age. 

Sasha Obama 

Just months after going viral on TikTok for rapping along to Moneybagg Yo's latest hit, the teenager has done it again. We're not sure what we love most, her smooth dance moves or her fire nails. 

Brothers unite! 


beanie brother trio???????? @theshluvfamily

♬ Adderall (Corvette Corvette) - Popp Hunna

This adorable brother trio broke it down together and did so seamlessly. Like how cute is this?!

Even cats are discovering their moves! 

That's with the help of his owner, of course. The feisty feline channeled its inner dancer with the most stoic face ever. Iconic. 

Body swap! 

Hilariously, this TikTok edited his upper half on Charli D'Amelio's body. Nice move, Charli... Wait, not Charli?

OK, so she isn't particularly dancing. 

However, this one equally deserves celebration. This fashionista re-creates iconic looks for plus-size women, and we stan.

Too cool in her uniform. 

Who said uniforms weren't cool? This smooth mover proved otherwise when she mastered the challenge.