Gabriella Lascano is no stranger to being treated unfairly due to her size. After YouTube slapped a censor on one of her try-on hauls, the blogger tried to fight back. This time, however, YouTube didn't bother with a censor — it just removed a video altogether.

Lascano uploaded a Boohoo haul on April 6. The video racked up more than 600,000 views.

The video was removed on the grounds of violating community guidelines, as it features "nudity, pornography, or sexually provocative content." However, using a still from the video, Lascano pointed out that the most skin she shows all video is while wearing a crop top that shows zero cleavage, nipple, or even underboob.

Lascano claimed that the reason for the removal is obvious.

"I think [YouTube] removed it because they hate fat women," she stated over email.

"I believe this was done purposely at this point," she continued. "I believe, being that the group who reviews these videos is very small, they are being vindictive because of the big deal I made about this last time. There is absolutely no reason I should be singled out when there is literally pornographic content on YouTube as well as extremely violet and inappropriate cartoons geared toward children that have millions of views."

The removal highlights a major double standard.

YouTube bikini haul
photo: YouTube

There is FAR racier content on YouTube than Lascano's now-removed video. A quick bikini haul search pulls up far racier images of thinner women, many of whom are showing their butts or cleavage. While there's nothing wrong with what those women are posting, it's unfair that Lascano was reprimanded for posting something way more demure than other users. 

She agreed: 

"At this point there’s no way to deny that YouTube discriminates against plus size women and smaller channels. YouTube has made it obvious at this point they don’t care about the hard working content creators on their platform but rather those with millions of subscribers like manny Mua and Jeffrey star who are allowed to speak about grossly inappropriate sexual activities and drug taking." 

Despite the drama, Lascano wouldn't change a thing about the video.

"There was absolutely nothing sexual about the video and I never thought twice about what what I was wearing," she stated. "Boohoo and I have a wonderful working relationship, they love the content I produce for them, which to me is proof the content is family friendly and acceptable to a major brand."

While Lascano claimed she'll stick to YouTube for family-friendly content, she will look elsewhere so she'll feel "less-restricted."

Lascano appealed the video's deletion.

We have also reached out to YouTube for comment, and will continue to update the story.