As Taystee Jefferson on "Orange Is The New Black," actress Danielle Brooks is forced to wear an unflattering, beige, body-covering prison jumpsuit. 

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But in real life, Brooks lives in her sexy swimsuits.

Danielle Brooks swimsuit

This definitely isn't Litchfield...

photo: Instagram/@daniebb3

A proud body-positive champion and bikini aficionado, Brooks constantly #blesses her Instagram followers by sharing photos of her curves in stylish swimsuits.

Here just a few of our favorite bathing-suit Instas Brooks kindly bestowed on us:


Brooks proudly showed off her belly rolls in this killer two-piece.

Actress who plays Taystee Jefferson in a bikini
photo: Instagram/@daniebb3

"Love every pound!" Brooks insisted, showing off her figure in a Gabi Fresh Swimsuits For All bikini.


She somehow managed to put together a hot-pink beach look that's just as ~hot~ as she is.

Danielle Brooks bikini
photo: Instagram/@daniebb3

"My body, and I'm happy in it!"  Brooks captioned this shot.


Brooks is a *huge* fan of Ashley Graham's Swimsuits For All collection.

Danielle Brooks swimsuit
photo: Instagram/@daniebb3

She served some serious heat in the Ashley Graham 'Guapa' bikini.

Danielle Brooks in a bikini
photo: Instagram/@daniebb3

"Want a bite?" Brooks teased her followers in her stunning red Swimsuits For All suit. 


Brooks has been body confident since day one.

Danielle Brooks as a kid
photo: Instagram/@daniebb3

"I think this describes me to a T," Brooks joked about "Baby Danie."


She's here to uplift ALL body types.

Danielle Brooks swimsuit
photo: Instagram/@daniebb3

She fiercely posed in her Gabi Fresh x Swimsuits For All 'Champagne Zipper' one-piece with Hamilton star Jasmine Cephas Jones in the crystal-clear sea. 


Because *every* body is a beach body.

Danielle Brooks in a swimsuit
photo: Instagram/@daniebb3

"You can call me Ms. Brooks," the actress captioned this shot, oozing confidence. 


Sky's out, thighs out.

Danielle Brooks in a swimsuit
photo: Instagram/@daniebb3

Those cut-outs though!


How adorable is Brooks' Swimsuits For All cactus 'Milestone' bikini?

Danielle Brooks in a swimsuit
photo: Instagram/@daniebb3

"Just ran into Ja Rule on vacation with my girl Jasmine," Brooks reported to her followers.


She wore this bathing suit to remind her followers that she's "cornbread fed."

Danielle Brooks bathing suit
photo: Instagram/@daniebb3

Cheeky one-piece for the win!


There's zero shame in Brooks' swimsuit game.

Ashley Graham Danielle Brooks
photo: Instagram/@daniebb3

She slays every swimsuit she puts on her beautiful body (and her Instagram is all the proof you need).