Nearly ten years ago, Mary J. Blige blasted her haters on Twitter for doubting her "intelligents."

Mary J. Blige "intelligents" tweet
photo: Twitter

Needless to say, she "understand estimated" her ability to get her point across. She was intelligents enough to delete the tweet.

While feuding with Jackie Aina this past summer, Jeffree Star called her an "irrelevant rat."

Jeffree star deleted tweet
photo: Twitter

He also claimed she hadn't paid taxes in three years before deleting his original tweet. #Yikes.

At the height of her Pepsi commercial scandal, Kendall Jenner decided to tweet a photo of Cindy Crawford in a Pepsi hoodie with the caption "goals." 

Kendall Jenner pepsi tweet
photo: Twitter

She later removed the tweet for obvious reasons.

In 2010, Russell Brand tweeted a photo of his then-wife Katy Perry without any makeup.

Russell Brand's tweet of Katy Perry without makeup
photo: Twitter

And Twitter had a field day

Brand eventually realized he totally set Perry up for ridicule and deleted the tweet.

Last year, Lena Dunham posted a tweet to remind the world that they don't need fathers... on Father's Day.

Lena Dunham's Father's Day tweet
photo: Twitter

She quickly hit the delete button.

A few months later, Dunham called out the "POS" who turned her workout photos into a Harvey Weinstein meme on Twitter.

Lena Dunham deleted tweets
photo: Twitter

Fans were annoyed Dunham inserted herself into the Harvey Weinstein narrative at a time when so many women were still struggling to get their stories heard.

Like her Father's Day tweet, Dunham decided to remove the tweet quickly after posting it. 

When Emily Ratajkowski became the new face of a luxury haircare brand, she drafted a celebratory post that defined hair as "fundamental part of beauty, femininity, and identity."

Understandably, the internet wasn't thrilled.

As Revelist's beauty and style director, Alle Connell, explained, "[hair] is not 'fundamental' to one's expression of femininity, nor does it solely make you beautiful. Equating the type of hair Emily is famous for having — long, straight, shiny, professionally tended — solely with 'femininity, beauty, and identity' is pretty problematic."

Upon receiving backlash, Ratajkowski deleted her tweet and its matching Instagram post. 

After a nasty breakup with Rita Ora, Rob Kardashian posted this atrocious tweet, which he later deleted.

Rob Kardashian's tweet about Rita Ora
photo: Twitter

But clearly, Kardashian *still* needs a much-needed lesson on social media etiquette. 

(Just last summer, he "exposed" his ex-fiancée Blac Chyna in a horrifying internet rampage.)

After former Penn State coach Joe Paterno was fired for his involvement in the Jerry Sandusky scandal, Ashton Kutcher took to Twitter to defend him.

Ashton Kutcher defended Jo Pa
photo: Twitter

The Twitterverse quickly schooled Kutcher on why his beloved JoePa was fired, and he wasted no time deleting his tweet. 

In 2013, Hulk Hogan tweeted out this creepy photo of his daughter's legs.

Hulk Hogan's tweet about Brooke's legs
photo: Twitter

After Twitter let out a collective shudder, Hogan decided to remove the photo.

Lindsay Lohan "pulled a Mariah Carey" and threw major shade at Emma Stone five years ago. 

Lindsay Lohan's "wtf is emma stone?" tweet
photo: Twitter

But Lohan eventually figured out who TF Emma Stone is and deleted her tweet.

In 2013, Amanda Bynes had the nerve to attack Jay-Z's appearance. 

Amanda Bynes' tweeted about Jay Z's "ugly face"
photo: Twitter

But this awful tweet disappeared from Bynes' Twitter feed whenever she went on her social media hiatus. 

Two years ago, Zac Efron published a tweet that celebrated MLK Day... and his own popularity?

Zac Efron's MLK day tweet
photo: Twitter

*Face palm*

He deleted the "insensitive" tweet and issued an apology. 

In 2016, Nev Schulman used the #BlackGirlsRock hashtag to make a "Catfish" joke.

Nev's #BlackGirlsRock tweet
photo: Twitter

But Schulman quickly learned that stereotyping is never funny. The tweet disappeared from his feed. 

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