Artists are creating quarantine art in the wake of the coronavirus.
photo: iStock

With everyone trapped at home in self-isolation, some artists are actually feeling a creative burst. 

These Instagram artists have imagined some iconic Disney, Barbie, and Nickelodeon characters if they, too, had to battle the coronavirus. Andhika Muksin, who's known for his relatable Disney princess art, imagined Disney characters in face masks and practicing self-isolation. 

Times like these are really serious, and it's important to quarantine to slow the spread of the virus. However, there's no harm in having some fun while we're all bored out of our minds at home.

These Disney characters are facing the coronavirus adorned with face masks.

The Disney parks are fully shut down, so all of the characters are likely facing a similar quarantine as we are. Muksin imagined the princesses disinfecting all of their gowns and wearing tons of face masks. 

"Disney Lockdown! I had this exact image in my head when i first heard about Disney Parks closing down but just recently had the time to make it. But jokes aside, i'm looking forward to see a better and healthier days ahead, for the whole world currently affected by #covıd19 Stay safe everyone! And wash your hands," the artist wrote.

Plus, even Disney villains are practicing social distancing.

Maleficent wouldn't let something like a quarantine stop her from threatening Princess Aurora. Just send your threats via email or FaceTime. "When you're social distancing but need to curse a newborn baby ASAP," Muksin wrote.

One Barbie doll artist made their dolls practice social distancing, too.

Cinderella and Prince Charming's ball just happened to land in the middle of the coronavirus crisis, so they have to keep their distance. Aaron Malibu, an artist who poses various Barbie dolls, imagined the live-action Cinderella dolls with face masks and dancing far apart. 

Malibu wrote, "Even with no contact, you can still feel the the chemistry. Of course my dolls practice safety too! Well, happy 5th anniversary to the greatest Disney live action movie so far @disneycinderella. Best of luck to Mulan."

Sleeping Beauty is traveling safely.

One artist took inspiration from Muksin's Princess Aurora artwork. Sleeping Beauty snoozes aboard a flight, but is maintaining safe habits by wearing a face mask.

Even Stitch, the lovable alien, is taking precautions. 

One artist photoshopped a sparkling face mask on the blue alien. Stitch pouts in the image because "They got all the toilet paper again!" Creating artwork is one way people are coping with the stress of the coronavirus and self-isolation.

The Disney princesses are coping with social distancing just like the rest of us.

Now that everyone is stuck inside all day, does that mean it's become socially acceptable to drink wine at all hours of the day? These Disney princesses, plus Frida Kahlo, seem to think so.

One artist photoshopped an image from the Nickelodeon cartoon Danny Phantom.

One character, Paulina, is fully prepped for the coronavirus crisis. With toilet paper, sanitizer, and protective gloves and face masks on hand, she faces off to Sam Manson aka the coronavirus.