photo: Facebook Instant Games

You know that scene in the “Avengers” where Tony Stark accuses a SHIELD agent of playing Galaga when he’s supposed to be working? Soon you’ll be able to do that too, except you’ll be working even less than that agent was because you’ll also be on Facebook. It’s the ultimate procrastination tool!

Yesterday (November 29), Facebook quietly launched a platform that will bring 17 different games, including classics like “Pac-Man,” “Galaga,” “Space Invaders,” and “Words With Friends,” straight to its messenger service. It also works across both the desktop and mobile device, so you can play against your friends anywhere, anytime, no matter what the two of you are using to chat with.

Unfortunately you can’t challenge anyone to “Pac-Man” just yet, unless you’re a part of Facebook’s closed beta. Plus, by the time Instant Games becomes available to everyone, not all the games they’re currently tooling around with will be around — or maybe there’ll be even more titles instead.

“We’re going to find out as time goes by what works on the platform,”  Leo Olebe, Facebook’s director of global games partnerships, told The Verge.

Obviously those of us who lived through the Great Zynga Explosion of 2010 remember Facebook games like “FarmVille” and “CityVille,” and savvy Messenger users probably know that there’s already a basketball game embedded within the service (perhaps it was a test for this?). But this, along with Facebook’s new PC gaming app, Gameroom, represents a marked shift for the social media company, which hasn’t made much of an effort to entice game developers to their platform in the past few years.

Hey, if it keeps us off Twitter and away from arguing with our conservative cousins on fake news posts, maybe it’ll be worth it.